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  1. LH Oh! rabbit/Happy Rabbit/Charlize

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 5 Aug 2015

    Can anybody compare the three? I have the beginner's Oh! Rabbit and I like the shaft rotation and the beads, but not the ears, they don't touch where they should. The Charlize is on my wishlist, mainly because it does not have ears and I find it the most aesthetically pleasing of the affordable rabbits. The Happy Rabbit is the Continental weekend freebie...

    So, questions: Is the Happy different enough from the beginner's Oh! to have a chance to fit me better? Between the Happy Rabbit and the Charlize, which would you buy (and why)? The problem is, once I have one vibrating rabbit, I won't want to buy another one - even if the first one is sitting unused in its box (and didn't cost anything).

    PurpleHeart [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 29 Sep 2014

    I had the beginners Oh rabbit and just like you the ears weren't a hit. Then I bought Charlize and I have to say it is a very good hit - the ear part is awesome, pretty sure it can fit a lot of people perfectly. I'm sorry I have no experience with the happy rabbit, however I think Charlize would be a very very good choice :)). My review is on there too, I think I have covered everything about it. ☺

    fantasia fairy [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 20 Oct 2014

    I have had all but the Charlize.... let me get out the bath and i will help you compare :)

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 5 Aug 2015

    You take your smartphone into the bath? You are braver than I am...

    It would be really helpful if you could tell me the differences in build/measurements of the Happy and the Oh! (especially if one has shorter ears). And how flexible is the clit stim on the Happy rabbit, and does the nose vibrate enough to use that for clit stimulation (assuming the distances work out)? Rabbits are so difficult to get right, but who can resist a free one?

    Ruby Red Slippers [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 17 Aug 2014

    I've tried the happy rabbit g-spot one and natural and I wasn't keen on them. I found that they were too girthy for me, the silicone 'drags' and they were a bit too powerful. Here are my reviews of the 2 different happy rabbits:



    As for the charilize, I love it. The clit slimulator is a bit weak (but still enough to get me there as internal vibrations alone don't work for me) but it's powerful (not painfully so), sleek, easy to insert and generally brilliant.

    Echo32B [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 11 Oct 2014

    I had the lovehoney oh rabbit, but didnt get along with it, just got the happy rabbit as a freebie, and wow is it in another world, I'm almost not even sad to be giving up rotation (it was super noisy anyway). The silicone is beautifully silky, the patterns are to die for. I squirted in less than a minute despite not having the g-spot version. My one issue is the vibrations border on too strong for me and thats on lower settings. But I'm notorius for not liking over powered toys.

    For me everything lines up better on the happy rabbit than the lovehoney oh rabbit, but everyones anatomy is different :? The ears arnt very flexible, and the nose does vibrate but at about half the power the ears do.

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 5 Aug 2015

    Echo32B wrote:

    ... I'm almost not even sad to be giving up rotation (it was super noisy anyway). ...

    That makes me wonder once again about the variation within a product line - my Oh! rabbit is practically silent (or maybe I only think so because I have a Bodywand to compare it to ;))

    But I guess I'll order something today to get the Happy Rabbit for free, and if it doesn't make me 100% happy there's still the Charlize (hoping it'll be on sale some day, or something). I guess 4 rabbits aren't all that many when I read what other people have... (if you wonder about my math skills: no. 4, or rather three, is the Petite Thrusting one which I'm incredibly curious about and which costs just a bit over the minimum required for the free Happy Rabbit).

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 714
    • Joined: 5 Aug 2015

    My rabbits arrived today and I'm happy! Very impressed with the Happy Rabbit 2 (though I understand that some women don't like it because it's too big), it seems to be a very well built toy (and the flat base is amazingly useful). The Petite Thrusting has lousy buttons - impossible to feel - and aspirations to being a disco light show (fortunately I don't see the flashing diodes when I'm using it) but feels very interesting.

    However, both rabbits (and the others I have) make me think that wired controllers are a very good thing ;)

    Don't think I need the Charlize (or any other internal vibe), after all...

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