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  1. Differences between "identical" toys?

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm talking about variations within one product line - for example the Tracy Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator. So it would be nice if Lovehoney employees would chime in here, as most customers probably have only one piece at a time.

    I just can't get over the fact that I didn't feel any strong vibrations from this G-Spot vibe - not with it being advertised as an extra powerful vibrator, not with reviewer's writing "not for us, vibrations too strong". I didn't feel anything remarkable with my fingertips, on my clit or in my vagina - really, the most disappointing vibrations since the vibrating nipple clamps (the pink ones). Though the motor was definitely on and working - I now know that the phrase (used in another product video, I believe) "you can hear how powerful the motor is" is perfect nonsense. Lots of noise does not equal lots of movement.

    As the discrepancy between my expectations - based on LH's advertisement/classifications and other people's reviews - is so enormous in this case I am wondering whether it might not be a different interpretation of what "strong vibrations" means (I'm happy with my other "extra powerful" toys) but a problem with the production quality, or rather lack of consistent quality - whether some TC Supersex G-Spot Vibes actually do produce amazing, strong vibrations and others just don't and I simply was unlucky? Has anybody had the opportunity to compare several units of the same toy?

    Vanessa8 [sign in to see picture]
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    I would chat up customer service if you think you got a "lemon."

    As far as another reviewer staring "strong" everyone's body and interpretation is different so I tend to take that with a grain if salt so to speak.

    Friday13 [sign in to see picture]
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    I've never tried two of the same toy but you make an interesting point.

    I decided to return my Tracey Cox g spot vibe because it did nothing for me at all (I got this instead and I'm very happy: ). In my review I commented on the mediocre vibrations so I agree they weren't "powerful". The reviews do tend to be either really great or rubbish so perhaps there was a dodgy batch. Maybe contact customer care either for a replacement or an exchange?

    CutieCurious [sign in to see picture]
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    My very favourite vibrator is unfortunately not very reliable - I've had to return faulty ones twice before, and as of tonight I'm having to return a third version - so I do actually have experience of trying different versions of the same toy and I have noticed slight variations between each product. One was a lot louder and the vibrations were rougher, almost as if the motor was loose and battering off the sides of the vibrator from the inside (maybe it was - after all, it broke pretty quickly!) whereas the other two were much smoother and quieter. With some of the cheaper toys, I get the feeling that not a lot of care is put into making manufacturing in a way that makes each toy entirely consistent.

    Having said that, I also own the Tracey Cox G-Spot vibrator and while I find it pleasant enough, I definitely wouldn't describe it as powerful or super strong in the vibrations department. I don't think two versions of the same product can differ so greatly that one is considered a super strong vibe and one is a weakling. Like Vanessa8 said, I think the reviews describing it as a powerful vibrator are a matter of differing opinions rather than differing products.

    Lovehoney - Paige [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey everyone,

    Firstly which is very important - this is one of the many reasons we have our 1 year returns policy! If you are not happy, please let us know so we can help and arrange to find something more suitable for you.

    I believe you are talking about the regular G Spot Vibe via Tracey Cox (the battery powered one)? I actually find this one quite powerful myself! I was messing about with a sample one in the office on Friday and I was quite surprised how quiet it is too. 

    As most people have said, it really is down to personal preference and what you think its powerful to you. Back in the day I thought I was a right power queen with my Rock's Off bullets.. until I realized the Doxy Wand exists and I realllyy don't think I can handle that amount of power lol.

    If you are wanting to find something mwith more of a kick I would suggest this one in particular. Unfortunately there is the rule of 'the more you want to spend, the better quality you will get' or even the Mona -

    I hope this does help a little and if you do need anything else please let customer care know or I will try and pop back here :)

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Paige, Lovehoney's 1-year returns policy is one of the many reasons why I do my sex toy shopping at Lovehoney ;) - the Tracey Cox G-Spot vibe (yes, it was the battery-powered one that was on sale and deal of the day) is on its way back to you.

    Thanks for pointing out the Vibe Therapy Sutra vibe - it looks so unassuming that I've completely overlooked it up to now (apparantly so have many other customers - how come it has only 4 reviews?). Though the video does look promising! It's just a bit girthier than I'd prefer right now...

    And the Lelo Mona 2 has been on my wishlist ever since I've read Epiphora's review of it, but so far I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it. But that might change soon - I have a feeling I might be pretty much through with cheap toys (I mean, it should be better to have one great toy than 10 so-so ones - but I'd have to be reasonably sure that I'd really like the expensive toy, as I'd feel really bad about returning a £ 100 + toy - and even worse about having it lying around unused).

    By the way, does anybody have the OhMiBod's Cuddle? That's a bit more affordable than the Mona 2 - but it would be a waste of money if it left me lusting after the Mona 2....

    CutieCurious wrote "With some of the cheaper toys, I get the feeling that not a lot of care is put into making manufacturing in a way that makes each toy entirely consistent."

    My experience with manufacturing is limited, but I think the bigger the produced numbers and the lower the price, the less quality control there is. And frankly, I find prices for many sex toys amazingly low, considering that the materials/components need to be bought or produced, assembled, packaged, shipped around half the world, and here the profit margin needs to pay for the whole Lovehoney operation, including fabulous customer service, video production, freebies and special offers, free shipment (and return shipment)...

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