1. 1 year and 50 reviews...

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    Last month was my Lovehoneyversary and I can't believe how much things have changed in a year! Pre Lovehoney, I'd bought a couple of things from a shop that may sound like Man Bummers and been thoroughly disappointed. I just assumed that toys were rubbish and overated and/or there was something wrong with me. It pained me to think of the money I'd wasted and I was ready to throw in the towel.

    In a last ditch attempt, I did a bit of googling and found lovehoney. I ordered a small vibrator and a bottle of cleaning spray and thought that would be the end of it. 1 year on and I've become a tester, written 50 reviews (and still have loads more things to review), tried things I'd never even heard of before and now know my buzzy from my rumbly, my bodystockings from my babydolls, my jellies from my silicones and my Je Joue from my Lelo.

    I would never have imagined all this when placing my first order! So grateful for this wonderful part of the internet, my forum pals, the amazing customer service and all the great opportunities I've had as a community member. Anyone else want to share their Lovehoney story?

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    I was directed to LH some time ago by a friend, but it took us a while to order something. It was only when my boyfriend got drawn to BDSM play upon browsing some erotic photos on Tumblr that we decided to take the leap of faith and buy something. Eleven months later, here I am, 36 reviews written and more items that are waiting to be used some more to be reviewed themselves, we've become testers, learned to enjoy our sexuality a lot more, be it by ourselves or together. We've found an awesome community that showed us that being kinky doesn't mean being weird.

    I would have never imagined anything like this, when I signed up and proceeded to the first checkout.

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    Nice to meet you Ruby Red Slippers :-) it really is a great thing to be a part of! I haven't been here that long but I've wrote about 15 reviews & got my 1st secret tester product a week ago :-)
    I really love the forums & getting to know everyone, you can ask a question at anytime day or night & there's always someone to chat with.
    My confidence in the bedroom has rocketed & I'm open to trying all kinds of weird & wonderful stuff I wouldn't have looked at before! My new favourite day of the week is Tuesday because every week I treat myself to something new & that's the day it arrives lol! I've got to know my postman so well I'm thinking about asking him on a date & after all the parcels he delivers if he has the slightest idea what's in them I'm sure he'll say yes lol! I'm so happy I found this community, I know I'm going to be part of it always :-) x

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    Well for me I actually started with AS as years ago, they used to be most women's go to place for anything like that. And that was when I got my first ever toy, and it was a rabbit vibrator. It was such a horrible experience, I didn't know anything about materials, speeds, types of vibrations, patterns, the types of things that may or may not work for you, etc.

    So I kinda gave up for that month and thought there was just something wrong with me. But then I found Lovehoney. Not sure how, think I was just searching around on Google for something that might work for a beginner and Lovehoney was the first thing on the results that I saw. And my jaw dropped. Lovehoney was just so different, a wide range of toys, costumes, lingerie, etc. And so many things were affordable and good quality at such cheap prices.

    And I was on the forum as well and everyone was and still is, so nice and helpful and give tips on anything and everything. First thing I started with was two bullets. And then I realised that vibrations matter, materials matter, so many things matter in a sex toy. Something I never even realised before Lovehoney.

    This site and the people on it, have helped me so much and I feel like I've grown more emotionally and sexually within myself. Even though I don't have a partner and I haven't in my entire life. I feel a lot more confident and happier than I ever thought I could from sex toys and well..sexual happiness.

    It's hard to believe it started all with just one tiny bullet and now I have a range of toys and my collection is still growing and I wouldn't put my faith anywhere else besides Lovehoney and the Lovehoney members themselves :)

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    I have been with Lovehoney for just short of 6months now and I have written 35 reviews so far. I'm totally hooked and I have loved exploring new toys, some of which I had no idea existed.

    I have also never been part of an online forum before, a bit of a technophobe, but I feel very at home here. I love the fact that your not judged for your opinions, likes and dislikes and the fact that there is always someone able to offer advice information or support no matter what the issue of question. I have enjoyed making friends here and loved being able to send gifts to these friends.

    The customer service is the best I have ever found, and the returns policy perfect.

    My only consern is that I might run out of high end "toys for life" to buy. I already have a few but I'm strictly a rechargables girl, and my days of buying battery powered toys well behind me. My OH and I have ventured into mild restraints, but full on bondage yet, I don't think we will. I also think it's great that you get to test and review products occasionally. Honest reviews by real people.

    I dred to think how many toys I will have and reviews written by the time I have been here a year.

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    I have been here since July...it actually started with my partner buying us stuff from here and encouraging me to make an account and look at new things for us to try...and wow what a difference a few months makes..my partner has made two orders..1 review and one forum post...I have gone crazy! 35 reviews , a tester ,on the forums every day and about 10 orders! I love it here...i am kinker my sex drive has gone though the roof..our sex life was great before but now it's WOW!!! I love the forums and I am trying to make friends..the people here are so lovely..I feel really at home here xxx

    Kittycat102 [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't have many reviews but I actually have a fair few to get on with, just haven't lol. I also became a sex toy tester about a week or so ago, I think? Been awesome, had about 5 testers so far :)

    Jordan eat your heart out [sign in to see picture]
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    I initially discovered LV by the TV advert, I didn't expect much but I'm so glad I tried the site, my OH loves the site as well, we can spend hours looking at all the goodies 😁

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    Congrats on the anniversary :) many more happy years to come i hope.

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    I couldnt actually remember how or why i found lovehoney, but looking at my first order has jogged my memory!

    i wasn't really into sex toys and didn't have a real interest in anything that sexually adventurous. I bought a very cheap bondage kit from an auction site (brand new i must add!) but was too nervous to introduce it to my partner so it laid hidden away.

    we went on holiday to vegas and got married and thats where things changed! Having seen a few risque shows, amd the general atmosphere of the place changed us! We tried anal for the first time (not that sucessful i must add).

    That brings me to my first order. I had never heard of lovehoney so im guessing i googled "anal lube" and found myself here! I ordered the lovehoney anal lube, but im guessing i needed to bump up the order for free delivery so i added intimate shave cream and miracle oil for smooth legs, and an orgasm balm!

    I was probably impressed with the speedy delivery, range of products etc that i ordered again the week after, and we looked at the site together and made a few larger orders! We literally went from no sex toys to suddenly trying everything!

    I think the forums came a few weeks later once i had decided i would probably be ordering here for a while longer so created an account. Its almost a year since the holiday so my year lovehoney anniversary wont be far behind

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    I've been a member for nearly 8 years! I can't remember how found Lovehoney, but I am so pleased that I did :D xx

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    Nice you meet you Ruby red slippers, I am glad that you enjoy this site. I too have bought inferior toys in the past which were noisy and annoying, enough to put you off sex, then had a few years of child rearing and full on work, now I am part time and have the afternoons for me time. I have been buying products from LH for roughly two years but only just joined the forum and have started to write reviews. I will try anything once our sex life is very good now, we both love to read the forums and browse for new toys. I am still waiting for my first tester toy though, I get very excited when the confirmation email comes to say I am expecting a parcel. I love that everyone is so friendly and ready to help out with advice without being judgemental. It is great fun writing reviews, as it is something we can do together.

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    Congratulations on your LoveHoneyversary Ruby Red Slippers.

    I'd bought a few toys from a couple of different websites and stores, mostly rabbits and g-spot vibrators, but the look, feel and even the results were mostly disappointing. Enough to do the job but I didn't really LOVE them. All the better looking and quality toys seemed to be unreasonably expensive. Even some of nasty jelly ones were pricey.

    Two disastrous experiences with the other place made me vow never to shop with them online again. So I googled and found LoveHoney instead. Wow! An enormous range of beautiful toys at very affordable prices was enough to get me shopping here, but really the thing that impressed me most was the absolute dedication to customer service. From the unique returns policy, to caring so much about customer experiences and opinions that they ask us to test their products - it really is outstanding.

    This forum with all you lovely people giving excellent advice and inspiration is the icing on the cake. It's been a godsend getting me through a very difficult time being separated long-distance from my favourite playmate. Thank you, all. xxx

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    Got on to love honey because of the tv ad . Yep disappointed with other places . There's no need for me to go on about it so I'm not gona . Bottom line . Good range . Good quality . Good value . Oh and did I mention the brilliant service .

    JM88 [sign in to see picture]
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    A few people have mentioned the advert, which channels does it air on? I have never seen one for lovehoney.

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    Ive just had a look and ive been on here for about 5 years. Ive just got to 99 reviews i can't quite believe ive nearly got to 100! 😃 . when i first stumbled acroos the site i never thought id be still around doing this now!

    Elle & em [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi I've only been here around 6 weeks I was the same had a few things from AS parties that I'd been too but didn't like ordering with people I new , but with ordering here being discreet we've tried a few things I never thought we would and loving it .

    A fair few to try yet and I'm sure well get theme slowly but surely 😀

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    I loved hearing everyones stories! Congratulations Ruby and of course everyone else too :)

    I found LH in a Facebook Group I am in which is dedicated to well, sexual things (it's called an 18+ group) Such a great community where everyone can be open and free.

    I got my first LH product shortly after (big fan of bullets at the time, I placed one order with Lovehoney I think which was the rechargable Rocks Off) 

    After that.. I saw an Ad on Seek.. applied for the job, and got it! Then ive been here ever since!

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    Please refrain from typing competitors names.

    Thank you

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    Lovehoney - Cazz wrote:

    Please refrain from typing competitors names.

    Thank you

    Sorry Cazz.. :(

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