1. help I want to please my husband

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    I recently bought

    Mojo double vibrating cock ring and the love honey reversals stroker (I would post links but I cannot seem to do it on my table).

    They are both to tight for him to take any pleasure from them and I would like to know what more experienced toy users would recommend. I am loving my toys and I want to get him something he will find pleasure in that we can enjoy.

    thank you x

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    Hi, this might sound like a daft question but are you using lots of lube with them both? I've bought things & thought they were useless because my F/B is quite blessed ;-) & we were just trying to put them on lol......lube him up & try again, even if they still don't fit I can promise he'll like trying ;-) x

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    I have similar issues as i find most to small/tight. The cock ring in the boxers are removable so could wear it on its own.


    Or this but a bit more luxury. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22543

    Sorry, Just seen the second one has been discontinued.

    Mr Badger.

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    More lube or better quality lube could fix your problems. If not, do you know what girth your OH is? I find it quite hard to shop mens toys here because quite often the measurements are tricky to understand and a lot of the fit/feel depends on the material used and how much it can stretch.

    You could get something like this, which will fit him no matter what size he is as it's only as tight as your hand is:


    Tenga eggs are remarkably stretchy, they are single use items but with care and careful cleaning can be used multiple times. My OH had problems fitting in that Lovehoney stroker too but he loves the Tenga eggs, no fit issues. There's a 2 for £15 offer on right now:


    Depending on your budget, Fleshlight could be an option too. They have non realistic openings if that would put either of you off. They have a more lifelike proportion, shall we say, than a lot of male masturbators, and the material is so soft it stretches. This is what I mean by tricky shopping, according to the 'canal diameter' measurement Fleshlights are a lot narrower than the Lovehoney stroker you mentioned, yet my OH has never had a fit issue with a Fleshlight. They are well worth the investment if you are able to.

    I can't really help with cock ring suggestions, as in our experience they are just inherently tight and minorly uncomfortable things that he only wears for my benefit. He likes adjustable ones like this:


    But obviously it doesn't vibrate or anything. You could try using a bullet or such during sex instead, you can use it to stimulate both yourself and him and it means no discomfort from a too tight ring.


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    If your both ok with it then I suggest your explore prostate massage. This is without doubt the most intense and massive orgasms a men can receive. Not all couples especially men are into having done. It can be very bonding and loving thing to explore together.

    It's very rare that you achieve it first time but the intimacy of trying and communicating is part ofthe thrill.

    The orgasms can last 3 times as long and can give twice the volume of seamen.

    There are many threads here on how to do it.


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    Cock rings are tricky things they tend to be either too big/small try an adjustable one? This set is cheap and has three sizes and can be worn behind/in front of the balls so has more options


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