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    Hi, bit embarrassing for me to ask but searching the internet is getting a bit annoying not to mention creepy at times lol

    What I'm looking for is just a normal penis sleeve, I would like it too ideally be about seven inches long and about 5/6 inches in diameter. I'm finding this embarrassing even writing it lol. I want it so that if/when I reach a certain point(you know), I can wear this and keep going for the Mrs until I am ready again. I don't need anything elaborate or purple lol. See did buy one but it was humongous lol, we threw it away unopened as was to embarrassed to send back.

    Many thanks in advance for recommendations and responses

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    I can't recommend anything as I've never used one, but you can use the search bar on the main website here and then you can use the filters on the left hand side to narrow it down to something that suits your needs. And don't worry about posting on here! No one is judging you. Remember Lovehoney has an excellent returns policy so if you make the wrong choice there's no harm done.

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    Have you looked at this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27240 ?

    it looks like what you are looking for. My OH and I have never used one but it gets good reviews.

    oh and don't worrie, we are not a judgemental lot here. You can ask almost anything and there is usually someone who can help. You don't need to be embarrassed it's completely unnecessary.

    have fun with whatever toy you choose.


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    Hi and welcome! I echo: very friendly and proactive, also non-judgemental bunch here!

    I have these on one of my private wishlists:





    I would not actually use any of these due to material preferences, but I keep them as references. :)

    But you could just check this category out and see for yourself: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/penis-sleeves-extensions/all/all/all/all/all/page-all/

    Lovehoney is the retailer with the most complete product descriptions I've ever seen, and also the most amazing Customer Care that treats every customer's request with utmost professionalism and respect, so feel free to ask also them for advice!

    Enjoy, hope to see you around the forums and you’ll soon discover to blossom away from shyness!


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    I can't add anything other than WELCOME, we are not a judgemental bunch here and nothing to be embarassed about!

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