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  1. Toys resembling other sex toys manufactures

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    I rememeber there was a threat here years ago, but I cannot find it. I just bought today one Czech magazine, in which I got like summer offers. So I decided to see what is in there and the first major shock was seeing a pic of toy which resembled a Zini toy, not sure what was the name. And my favourite Swan rabbit vibe.

    Ok, the major shock was when I by curiousity saw the prices!!! The Zini vibe was back then about 120 to 130 pounds, but they are asking for this replica nearly 210pounds, no joke.

    And the Swan Power is 140pounds, and they have the courage to ask for nearly 260!!! I checked and even the charging system looks the same, the shape is the same etc. I admit I am really disguested. They charge incredible price and they present it as innovation, something new....

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