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    Hi lady's,

    I'm 24 with out children. Iv only just start to get into pelvic floor exercise. I have a set of kegel8 cones but fine it difficult to get into the exercise plan (it's boring).

    Iv then came across Ben wa balls. I have the LH glass love balls. I feel comfortable using them out the holder, so much so I'm not feeling anything

    i've only had them for a few days but have been wearing the most of the time maybe for two long as I've been getting back pain

    am i placing them to high? Should I be feeling something?

    I'm not looking for pleasure from them I just want to tighten up for me and my partner.

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    It could be that they are not heavy enough to challenge you, have you tried the magnetic hematite set?

    I think they are the heaviest free ben waa balls. I have these and they are good. I'm hoping for new small heavy balls. You don't have to feel much for them to be working.

    im my opinion your OH will be the best judge of how effective these are. If your single try using the same toy before and after wearing the balls you should notice a difference in grip and orgasm.

    Hope this helps


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    You might find useful to read this thread: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1284674-kegal-toners-question/#p1284788

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    You can just put the word kegel in the search bar on top of the forum page and you'll get loads of threads on the topic. Hope it helps.

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    Thank you both for you Replies.

    i have only tryed the glass balls at 40g. I'm thinking of buying http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29580 tenscare exerciser instead of buying more ben wa that may not work for me.

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    It sounds like you're not getting the most out of your balls because they're too light. As far as kegel balls go, the heavier and smaller the balls, the more intense the workout. The glass ones are quite small and the fact that you don't have problem holding them in means that you're ready for a harder workout.

    The hematite set recommended by Fun Louise is a good one, especially if you're looking for a cordless set. You might also want to consider these:

    50 Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused : http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30892

    Comes in a set of 4 different weighted balls for progressive training. You can also choose to wear them without the holder. I like how you can customize the weight.

    50 Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Balls : http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26073

    They're slightly bigger, but they're really heavy at 221g. It's a great workout and they're really fun to wear. It may be a huge leap from 40g, but I think you'd feel more of an impact wearing these.

    Ami + : http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32417

    These are 136g and of the same circumference as your glass set. The difference is that this set has free roaming balls which will jiggle as you wear them. I know you said you value results over pleasure, but I think this set could offer both. The jiggling would also make you more aware of them.

    Otherwise, the TensCare sounds really good as well. c: I'm personally a little intimidated by it since having anything electrical around my fun bits makes me nervous but it has really great reviews so it has to work well.

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    Thank you minkish, I will try the 136g balls next :)

    I put my boyfriend on a band from sex for two weeks as I wanted to see If he could really feel a difference in me. Iv been wearing the glass balls every day for the last two week and I get the tenscare Electric exerciser what I had only been using it for the last 3days. We had sex last night and he felt a difference from the start. He said he could feel me "holding and griping him more" what I was really happy with as it's only been two weeks of me exercising. I didn't feel much extra sensitivity but Im sure I just need to give it more time although my orgasm when masturbating has been longer too. I'm very excited to see how much tighter I can make it and increase sensitivity :)
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    If you find the ones you have aren't challenging enough I'd highly recommend the je joue ami + it's a gorgeous luxury kegel trainer and the second heaviest one on this site. Once you've mastered that try the FSOG inner goddess ones. They're guaranteed to make you work!



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    I personally did not find doing the pelvic floor exercise very fun or interesting either, but what I did to make it a little more fun, which might not be the safest thing, but I went to the gym with mine in for about 25 minutes a day for a week. It really just felt like a tampon. After the gym when I had sex with my boyfriend at the time, said there was a defferince for him. I personally could not tell the difference, but at least it felt good for him, which in return he made me feel great.

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