1. What is your opinion of luxury toys?

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    My first toy was a $20 piece of crap. I didn't want to spend too much money on it because I honestly didn't know if I was even going to like it. Well, that $20 piece of crap ended up rocking my world. However, it was really small, not very powerful and LOUD!!! So for my next toy I upgraded to a Lelo and discovered the perks of luxury toys: more power, quieter, rechargable, warranties etc.

    I do still, on occasion, use my original toy (when no one else is home!) because it does get the job done. I don't have a problem buying cheaper toys if there is something about them which appeals to me. However, I know that there may be problems such as noise or that they simply will burn out after awhile. So, in general my preference is for luxury toys. I love my Lelos and I keep eyeing all the other ones on Lovehoney like the Swan collection. I know they're expensive, but I think they're worth it.

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    I think if you know you will use it and it something that turns you on, then spend as much as you can afford to.. I have bought really cheap ones and also expensive ones.... And the expensive ones last and feel way better.

    My next purchase will probably be one of the ultra realistic feel dildo's for the OH. Anywhere in between £50-£90 would be the most I would pay I think :)

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    So far my experience with luxury toys has been... crap to say the least! Granted, I've only had 2 proper luxury toys (although I do have a couple of other expensive items which I wouldn't consider luxury), and both were faulty. Also, neither of them could get me off on their own, whereas my £20 silicone rabbit does it instantly!

    I think there are certainly perks to luxury toys - often they have good warranties, storage boxes/bags included, they're normally rechargeable, the materials and build quality are good etc. I've heard that luxury toy companies spend more money researching when designing their toys, but I'd beg to differ as neither of mine have found my G-spot or clitoris at all, the cheaper toys I own have been better in this department.

    It's personal taste I guess :) At the moment I'm really put off luxury toys as they've been a let down, but maybe I just haven't found the right one yet. If I'm every lucky enough to have that kind of money again then I would consider trying another one, probably the Womanizer. :)

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    I am slightly on the fence when it comes to luxury toys. Me and the other half have bought ultra-realistic dildos moulded from actual adult performers in the past, these have always looked amazing, felt amazing, but never quite worth the money we paid. We even imported one from the United States at a very big cost, but were left wanting more Bang for Our Buck!

    I too have spent a lot of time looking through luxury toys on Lovehoney, and we are the kind of couple who are not opposed to spending hundreds of pounds on great products, but nothing has really caughty my eye to date. I am waiting for that one "App Enabled" product to take my breath away. Would love to see more toys that could be controlled by the other half via smartphone, this opens up a whole new risky situation if combined with use in everday life. I know the Le Joue range (may be mis-spelt) are "App enabled" but I havent heard any great reviews yet.

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    I don't have a lot of experience with luxury toys but what i do to begin with it was so good i could have said all my other toys are now redundant it's so good yes it feels nice yes it's made out of quality materials its rechargable has a variety of speeds and patterns and comes in high quality packaging to be honest since the excitement of having a luxury toy has calmed down and the moment the battery once died mid session i find myself more often than not reaching for my Sqweel Go that i got less than half price

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    At the moment I only own one product that I would classify as 'luxury' and it's from Lelo. As much as I could gush and exclaim that it's the best thing ever, I still usually prefer my basic vibrator that I got for under £20. I do like my Lelo Smart Wand, but it's more of a psychological thing, and I still feel a little excited and pampered when I bring it out to play.

    I suppose luxury toys are great as a 'luxury', something that you spend a little more on to treat yourself if you can, but it's mostly about finding what you like, and investing in that.

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    I've had no luck with luxury toys so far : ( I thought the tenga minamo was rubbish - weak, buzzy and only 3 speeds and one pattern for £85. My lelo gigi 2 is going back too as it's so beautiful but I won't pay over £70 for vibrations so weak you can barely feel them. Saying that, the luxury brand kegel balls are head and shoulders above cheaper brands.

    I'm still persevering with my je joue mimi and l'amourose rosa but the rosa is painful to insert and remove and the clit part does nothing for me and the je joue mimi is so noisy and the buttons have to be pressed so hard that it hurts my fingers. I'll keep trying with them though, as I feel so guilty about sending anything back, especially expensive items!

    I'm happy to spend more for quality 9/10 times I go for toys that are quiet, rechargeable and made of silicone, but you can now get great quality toys that meet my criteria in mid range brands (around the £30-£40 mark). My TC rabbit retailed (at the time I bought it) for £35 and is one of my favourites as is my FSOG wickedly tempting bullet. There's definitely a happy medium between cheap jelly rubbish and £100 designer toys.

    Basically, I think it's definitely worth paying more for quality, but when I'm paying £65+ I expect near perfection and so far have been met with rubbish vibrations, lack of functions, difficult to use buttons and pain when removing. Not impressed so far, but I'll keep trying.

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    Oooooh I'm a real sex toy snob. I love quality sex toys.

    Im a bit hippy tree hugging, and love Rechargable toys, and glass. I don't see why our pleasure should cost the planet.

    i would rather save (for what seems an eternity) and get a really good quality toys. I'm just not into loud battery gobbling cheep toys.

    I'm the sort of girl that thinks sex toys are for life not just for Christmas! So I want my toys to last. As a child I had very little and I quickly learnt to appreciate quality over quantity, and this has stuck with me.

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