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    I think you do get what you pay for in general, but there are exceptions. Most expensive toys I have tried I have loved, but there has been the odd one that has left me cold. I would say it's definitely worth investing if it's something you really want - at least if you splash out and don't like it you can return it.

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    If you really want a luxury toy and can afford it go for it, I own a lelo rabbit it's superb quality rechargble stacks of power it gets regular rotation amongst the toys I use most often when I compare it pound for pound orgasm for orgasm with my other regularly used toys which come in at the mid to lower price range is it really worth it maybe not if I compare I to my RO rabbit which was quite expensive the lelo build quality rechargability and ease of use easily trounces it. So in some ways luxury not worth it in others luxury definitely worthy it

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    I guess it just depends on your body really lol

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    Luxury toys are definitely worth it. I only have a few toys but they are from the luxury end of the market. My Lelo Lyla2 is fantastic!!!

    Luxury toys are almost always Rechargable and the silicon quality is sooooo much better.

    I would rather have 10 luxury toys that 1000 cheep ones.

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    So so worth it. Power, waterproof, sound, look, style, quality, They fit all the boxes.

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    100% worth it.

    Ive spent years buying cheaper toys (due to budgeting etc) and now moving into more quality items. I wish I had just gone straight for the quality years ago and wouldve saved myself a lot of money!

    But hey, back then I didnt know i'd love toys so much!

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    luxury are much better for the cost, they tend to be body safe i.e. made from silicone, come with a good length warranty, good power and hit the spots. You just got to find the one that suits you x

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    never bought or owned a luxury toy in my life!

    I lack the will power to save up!


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    We own quite a few Lelo toys, and some other "high end" ones. I am however searching for quality over brand. I do think that luxury toys are very much overpriced just because of the branding and the market placement they put themselves into - it's just about snobbery and trends and money. I am a very conscious buyer (though probably a bit more fortunate moneywise than others), so I don’t like to spend just for the name, and I tend to evaluate all too carefully the quality/price relation in EVERYTHING I buy. I practically only invest in silicone (and ABS or glass as I don’t trust that what is sold as stainless steel would really be 110% stainless…), waterproof and preferably rechargeable toys. You can find these qualities also in a broad range of “non-luxury” toys nowadays.

    Of course one could argue about the silicone’s quality, but hey, I don’t necessarily believe that just because a toy is branded Lelo (or Swan for that matter), their factory in China respects all standards of workers and/or manufacturing and/or cost/profit control (hence choosing cheaper/uncontrolled suppliers). So I would never ever trust my judgment to be about the brand/company, rather on the product and warranties that comes with. Luxury toys pride themselves with warranties, so if anything goes wrong, you can at least complaint. But then again, LH’s return policy can’t get enough praises, so buying ANY toy from them, you have a much much better “warranty” than ANY luxury brand would give you (and trust me, I have bought my Lelo toys directly from Lelo, and I wish I had gone thru Lovehoney instead – would have saved me loads of time and frustration in dealing with Lelo’s customer care).

    So, my advice would be to just buy whatever pleases you for what it has to offer (features/functions, aesthetics, quality, build, durability or whatever weighs more to you), and definitely not because of its market placement or brand! “What’s in a name?” is the proper question to ask! :) And do enjoy, everyone deserves a treat now and again!!! Happy Birthday!

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