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  1. Shopping with the OH for the first time!

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    In the past my OH has always bout my sext toys. never tells me they just magicly appear during sex. im not complaining i've always enjoyed them.

    a few weeks agou i bought my first lot of toys by myself without my OH and they have been great just what i wanted.

    but last night we were talking about his needs when its "that time of the month" and he said he needed a new toy so we decided to have a look togther at some for him.

    So we load up LH and decide on the 3 for £25 deal so we both got something we ended up with something for him:


    Something for me:


    and something new for us to try when we are together:


    i am now impatiently waiting for the delivery i cant wait to try this stuff out but it was great us ordering this stuff together

    was nice seeing what sort of stuff each other are intrested in trying and was a turn on to say the least.

    how do u order your toys do you diy or do it together with your OH?

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    It great ordering together, as you said you can both see what each other likes.
    Me and my partner order together and individually. I prefer getting and have more knowledge on the sex toys, he prefers getting and has more knowledge on the bondage gear.
    Hope you both enjoy you're order :)

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    I order all our toys. My OH doesn't show any interest when I'm looking at new toys but when I produce one to play with he is more than happy and as yet has loved all the toys I have bought for him, and us.

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    Ordering apart can result in toys you may not buy together because of embarrassment? if the OH and I were ordering together it's unlikely I would have ordered my BIG butt plugs, even though she knows I have them.

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    We seem to take it in turns. We discuss what we like, what we want to try together and what there's no way in hell we're interested in. Then, randomly, one of us will go on a spending spree and buy an item or two that we were both interested in.

    It's a great middle ground. Means we both know what the other is interested in, but there's still the surprise factor when it arrives and is first played with. :)

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    I usually do the browsing, but when I find something I like I show my fiance, and we'll talk about it, compare it to others, and when we finally decide that's one we want, I add it to the wish list.

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    Love the 3 for £x deals! And what a great way to split it, one for him, one for you and one for use as a couple. Great, enjoy

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    That sounds nice! I was thinking of putting a little gift box together for my OH for his birthday, with monogomy in, a few massage oils, a couple of signed lh sex cheques and maybe a stroker? He has bought some restraints for us and some massage oil before, and I bring along my own toys to our sexy sessions. He likes to know how they work and uses them on me.
    Generally we both BUY equally as much I think but I'm more likely to bring actual toys to the sessions - but then again he orders me to ;)

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