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  1. Come on now... Fleshlight complaint.

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    A few months back, I bought a Misty Stone Forbidden Butt Fleshlight. It was great, but even on unboxing I noticed that there is some rough texture on the side of the sleeve, along with a material that seemed more pliant and lighter in color than the Misty Stone Lotus I have. Over the next month, the rough texture got worse and worse, basically spreading around the entire outside, the material crumbling off in the tube during use. In the end, I found an airhole on the inside that ripped as well.

    A customer service representative agreed that it must be a faulty item, so I sent it back for a replacement, and now I got a new one. This new one, while the material seems fine, (although still different from the vaginal sleeve I have) the inside of the sleeve is not fine; the ridges at the beginning of the sleeve are almost nonexistent, making the inner texture little more than a tube. I'm not just going by memory; videos and pictures about the inner texture show much deeper ridges as well. The difference can definitely be felt.

    I'm a little torn about what to do. Lovehoney was really good to me so far with their excellent customer service and I'd hate sending it back again and cause them damage and be THAT guy, but then again, I did get an inferior product. Does Lovehoney get refunded if an outside manufacturer's product gets returned due to being faulty? Does the issue I mentioned make the sleeve considered faulty?
    I'm not just torn, I'm also confused; these items are supposedly made from the same material in a factory with quality checks, how did I get three from the same material with all three of them being different and only one of them coming without faults?

    Any advice, help, explanation?

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    Hmmm. This is tricky, but bottom line is LH have an excellent returns policy and if you need to use it, for whatever reason, they'll be happy to refund or replace, no questions asked. They won't hold it against you for any reason - besides it's not your fault that you have some of the worst luck in the world! At the end of the day, if you aren't happy, Lovehoney isn't either.

    You'd be doing them a favour sending it back, so the manufacturer can figure out what has gone wrong with this particular batch. I've no idea unfortunately if LH get refunded by the manufacturer if the product is faulty, but in conclusion: This isn't your fault, make use of the returns policy, and please don't fret the night away thinking that you are "THAT guy". LH will love you no less just cause you send a product back... You should send it back and get a refund, and sleep well knowing that you haven't done anything wrong. Don't worry!!

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    Basically seconding everything HE said; contact customer care again, send it back and don't feel too bad - it's not your fault you got a faulty item (or in this case, two). Lovehoney are really good with returns and maybe they can contact the manufacturer and find out what's causing it. Don't fret!

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    Honestly we do not care if you send back items to be replaced or refunded, no judging here (unless you're a naughty repeat returner... which I do believe has been discussed previously in the forum - don't worry, sending back obviously faulty items will not get you on "the list" !!).

    Please do return the faulty fleshlights to us. We're not happy unless you're happy :)

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    Thank you for your kind reply! It does help to ease me up a bit. If you really agree that the toy is faulty again and that it should be sent back, I will send it back.

    I'm really interested in what happens in such instances though. Does the manufacturer get involved if there is a batch of items that seems faulty? Does Lovehoney get refunded for faulty items, or is that a calculated risk? I more or less know how it happens in the case of electronics, but not sex toys.

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    Please do send it back! A Fleshlight is one of the pricier items on our site and not something we want you throwing away or being disappointed with. Like everyone else has mentioned, if it is something that's coming back consistently faulty it means we can follow it up with the manufacturer.

    To KinkyGoblin, I personally don't know how the logistics work past that point that so maybe a more experienced team member can chime in but it's part and parcel of running a business I'm sure and will probably have similarities to other industries

    KinkyGoblin [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you for the encouragement, it's super nice of you!
    I will send it back as soon as I can.

    Once again, thanks for everything, this was yet another wonderful customer care experience with Lovehoney. This company really is something else.

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