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  1. Wands...Wireless vs Mains Powered

    RebeccaJay [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 8 Sep 2013

    Hi all, I need some advice! After a lot of deliberation I have decided to replace a now deceased (though much loved and well used!) clit stim with a wand style vibrator. I am not sure if I will get along with one, as they seem quite big and bulky, but I am excited to give it a go!

    I can't decide whether to opt for a wireless model, or a mains powered one... Can anyone offer some advice? What are the pro's cons?

    Thanks! :)

    Boogaloo [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
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    • Joined: 22 Apr 2014

    I'd go for a mains operated wand, like the Lovehoney one :) they're more powerful, and best of all you don't need to remember to stock up on batteries!

    However if you're not a power queen then the battery ones would be good, and they have the added benefit of being portable and sometimes waterproof ;)

    Ink and Kink [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
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    • Joined: 21 Apr 2014

    I have a rechargeable wand that I love!

    And im saving up the pennies for lovehoney mains power wand!

    FrozenAngel [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 20 May 2011

    I have the Bodywand rechargeable, and both the LH and Doxy mains powered ones.

    Honestly since I have my Doxy the other two don't even get used. They're packaged away in a storage bag and probably won't see the light of day again.

    I can never be arsed charging my Bodywand one, and the wire on the Doxy is super long. It's more powerful and rumbly - and the head is better than the plastic ones.


    [suspended user]

    suspended user
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    • Joined: 4 Dec 2012


    As FA has said, my other wands don't get used since purchasing the doxy.

    However, I would recommend getting a good clit vibe too, you can never have enough choice.

    Briona87 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1052
    • Joined: 29 Jun 2014

    I have a Lelo Smartwand Medium - it is nice, portable and you can use it in bath (something I would not recommend to attempt with a mains-powered wand, lol). It could do with a little more power, though. I'd love to get a Doxy, everyone keeps on saying it is super strong.

    myghost [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1298
    • Joined: 30 Dec 2012

    If power is not your thing go for a wireless wand the small battery powered wands i've used have had good enough power as a body massager and i really like them for body massages but not enough power (for me) as a clit stimulator

    strapon_banana [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 128
    • Joined: 1 Oct 2010

    Has any one had any experiance with the large Lelo Smart Wand im thinking of getting it because it looks smart and sexy compared to our hitachi wand but im worried i might find it under powered and a disapointment in comparison ?

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1875
    • Joined: 11 Feb 2009

    I have just today taken possession of a LELO Smart Wand (Large). I've had a little play around with it before sticking it on to charge, and I think it's definitely got a kick. I don't think it's as powerful as say, the Doxy (which is the other Wand I have) but it's not far off, in my opinion. It's much quieter too. Still not silent, but it doesn't sound like i'm power drilling.


    [suspended user]

    suspended user
    • Rank: General
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    • Joined: 4 Dec 2013

    This might just come in a little too late, but these are some thoughts about the only wand I've ever tried in various other threads:

    "The Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25284), which is very elegant and easy to use. I have never owned a wand before this recent acquisition, but I think it is as powerful as any wands out there if not more, with a much wider choice of experimenting to your taste between speeds and patterns. It is also cordless (and rechargeable and waterproof), which I think takes away the “technicality” a bit. You can get it in white, which at a psychological level reminds purity and is quite inoffensive to the sight as well or in black which will be harder to spot for her with lights off. You can first use it for an “innocent” relaxing massage on her as well as others here have suggested, and this would also take away some of the pressure related to the idea of it being a sex toy."

    A thread: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1237333-lelo-smart-wand-large-vibrator/#p1258955

    And another one: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1262971-wands-magic-or-terrifying/#p1263309

    And another one: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1263890-need-help-choosing/#p1264134

    I would never go for a mains/wired toy. I just think it gets in the way. And noisyness too, as far as I'm concerned. I am very happy with my large Lelo.

    Ink and Kink [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1628
    • Joined: 21 Apr 2014

    Ink and Kink wrote:

    I have a rechargeable wand that I love!

    And im saving up the pennies for lovehoney mains power wand!

    Oooh, since then I have bought the wand many other things :)
    Scorpius12 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 6248
    • Joined: 18 Dec 2007

    I can highly recommend this wand for a wireless one - it's my go to wand at the moment :) x


    TB149 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 163
    • Joined: 6 Sep 2010

    We have both and it tends to be the battery one that gets the most use, mainly cos it's easy and still plenty powerful enough. The smaller size also makes it easier to handle

    randomnessemma [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 25
    • Joined: 9 Dec 2014

    my hubby just bought me a rechargable wand and its awsome powerful and hits all the rite spots

    pr4wnst4r [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 318
    • Joined: 10 May 2013

    It depends what you're looking for in a wand, would a cable annoy you/be inconvenient? If so you could look into rechargable wands. Also how powerful would you like it to be? Or quiet? I think mains powered wands tend to be louder, but.. more powerful

    FlexyBexyXXX [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 724
    • Joined: 11 Feb 2013

    The Lelo Smartwand is more powerful than the Bodywand :) I personally found the cable on the bodywand to be a real pain in the arse, and the Lelo Wand is also waterproof, making it great for play in the bath if that floats your boat :)

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