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  1. Just ordered the famous Humdinger

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    Since it was half price today, I got myself Lovehoney's signature vibe. Really looking forward to giving it a test drive. I've been curious about its ergonomic shape for years, but never bought it because I'm INCREDIBLY VAIN and would only buy "executive" looking toys in black and chrome!

    I've been reading the reviews, and they're mainly positive but with one or two really detailed negative write ups. I'm aware most people write reviews after only owning toys for a short time - can any long term owners give me the lowdown on the power, noise and overall build quality?

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    I've had mine for over a year now. I need to use new batteries everytime I use it otherwise it just isn't powerful enough for me, and I'm not a power queen.

    It is fairly noisy, but music and being under the covers will drown the noise out.

    Build quality is good, mine shows no sign of breaking after quite a few uses.

    Hope that helps :)

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    I don't own LH's version but i do own a version by California Exotics that i've had 2-3 years apart from a small diffrence in shape i don't think they should be much different.

    Mine i don't actually use the ergonomic cup i use the nubby bit on the tip with brand new batteries in it has masses of rumbly power on full speed it's too much for me as the motor is in the head when you get to the max it is a bit noisy but can be easily be masked with a duvet mine has an LED light in as you ramp up the power the LED gets brighter a duvet doesn't really mask that aspect well i find with mine the batteries have been lasting a long time with regular use i can't remember the last time i put fresh batteries in it's far outlasted my rechargable toys

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