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  1. Question for the ladies

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    And i'm not being sexist or excluding people, men feel free to answer this too.

    My periods are always really bad and i've never really had a place i could talk about it like this before but i was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Like up until about 6 months ago i was regualar like clockwork even down to the hour (literally) but the pain was unbearable and my flow was pretty heavy. I do get pain in my pelvic area all the time and worse about a week before im due on but when i'm actually on it's agony...more so on my right side and in my back. I get stupidly bloated and its more than cramps i feel like my back in breaking in half. It physically makes me feel sick. I was due to finish work at 7 today but was sent home about an hour ago (my boss actually drove me home) because i fainted from the pain. I'm not even in the mood to play i just want to lay in bed with 5 hot water bottles around me and dosed up on painkillers. I'm not even horny (and this is somewho who has to have at least three orgasms a day or i get in a terrible mood). They are all over the place too...sometimes i got a week without bleeding then start again...others i go 21 days...then 28-30 days. Slightly fustrating.

    I don't have time to go to the doctor, i have a horse and i'm working two jobs just because she is the one that keeps my head above the water, so i work one job to pay for her (and thats four days a week with horses so outside all day and heavy lifting) and one office job to cover my own bills. I'm lucky to get one day off a week but then i'm still at the yard. I don't get time to go see a doctor. I don't think it is anything i just need proper ways to manage the pain as it's relentless and everytime i get a period its getting worse and worse. Plus i'm tired all the time. I know for a fact i do not have anemia as i was tested for that about a year ago in a routine blood test.

    Any advice would be great what meds? Is there a cream thats better than a hot water bottle (like a deep heat thing (just not that exactly as im allergic)

    Thanks in advance and i'm sorry to bug to forum up with icky talk

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    You sound just like my eldest daughter (she's 22) - her symptoms are almost identical to yours and I really feel for you, I know how badly she suffers and has done since she started her periods at the age of 13. Her GP actually put her on the pill just 4 months after starting her periods as she was missing school etc as she was just physically too ill to atend.

    I know it can be difficult timewise but a trip the doctor with the possibility of going on the pill could be very worthwhile. Daughter has virtually no symptoms at all now and is as regular as clockwork. She did have to stop the pill a few times for operation purposes and all the old symptoms returned immediately so it's definitely helping with the symptoms and regularity. Pain killers, creams, hot water bottles etc will all help but removing these problems would probably be so much nicer for you ?

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    You shouldn't feel guilty about making time for yourself.

    It is unsafe to go on like this not knowing what's going wrong with your body. I hate to preach but please please make time for your health and go to the doctor, as I would advise anyone to if they had a sudden change in your body. It could really drain you emotionally, physically and sexually.

    I really hope that you're able to feel better soon and i wish you the very best of luck.

    Also raspberry leaf tea is meant to help with anything womany related pains. xxx

    Maybe writing all your symptoms down specifically could help you communicate the problems to the doctor quickly to save time and potentially unneccessary tests/visits there.

    Best wishes xxx

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    Hey :)

    I've been in a similar position - when I was 17 I used to have awful PMS (fainting, anaemia, vomiting etc) and my school got fed up with me because of it - and told me the only thing I could do is get the contraceptive implant (even though I was a virgin and never had a boyfriend nor interest in one). After having that put in, for 7 months, I had heavy, even more painful periods that lasted 27 days long, with 1 day off between cycles. As a "remedy", the clinic gave my the mini-pill, and I had to take three mini-pills a day to balance it to a normal cycle. I feel your pain! You should see a doctor but I'm not here to preach :)

    Best thing to do is keep iron levels up as anaemia can make people feel yucky and lethargic, best things for that are brown rice, curly kale, beef, eggs, fish, tofu :)

    In terms of relief, I've found that the best thing was ibuprofen as it's actually an anti-inflammatory not a pain killer. It helps with the bloated feeling that made me feel the worst. :) Oh, and a glass of wine always helps - for medicinal purposes of course ;)

    Hope that you feel better soon deary! :)

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    Could someone else at the yard not take care of the horse on your day off so you could pop to the Doctor? It could be anything from PCOS, a one off cyst, endometriosis anything really. It could be nothing at all and you just have heavy periods (which incidentally mean you absolutely could be anaemic if you were tested as long as a year ago as heavy bleeding can put you at risk) and an exhausting workload. But even then they can still give you something for the periods at least.

    Are you on any birth control? The only way I could deal with my hell periods was going on a mini pill that has stopped them all together. Quality of life restored, seriously. They reccomended a combined pill to me for PCOS because apparently it helps, but that's something you could obv only discuss with a doctor.

    With regards to creams and stuff, you can get ibuprofen gel which is great for pelvic/back pain. Makes you feel oddly numb but it works!

    Sorry I can't be more help...I know saying 'go to the doctor' isn't really helping but it's the only thing that could get to the bottom of it...:/

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    Sounds like anemia to me. You said you noticed a change about six months ago, but that you had a blood test taken one year ago. Things change in one year so you might have developed anemia in the meanwhile, you might want to repeat the blood test to know it for sure.

    Thing is, you sound really really stressed, with two jobs and everything. Stress can mess up with your period quite a lot, I've tested it on my own skin (better, uterus) so that could also be a factor. Taking a break would do you good I think, but it seems like you can't at the moment, so that's out of question.

    I wouldn't take meds without consulting a doctor, but I've found out that harpagophytum compositum, a herbal remedy that was suggested to my father for back pain, works quite well for period pains for me. If that won't work, ibuprofen, paracetamol and good old aspirin usually work perfectly, just read the instructions and take care not to exagerate, as both aspirin and ibuprofen can cause heartburn, while paracetamol is harsh on the liver.

    Also, if you feel down, you can always take vitamin supplements, they don't hurt if you don't exceed with the dosage. Take care that ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, in high dosages can cause cramps and worsen period, so stick to the prescription or a recommended use on the box.

    And, as was suggested above, the pill works miracles in cases like yours. 

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    You've had some really good advice so far, so I'll try not to repeat what everyone else has said!

    I have struggled with this problem ever since puberty, and it turns out I have endometriosis. This is where the lining of the uterus grows in places it's not supposed to, such as the Fallopian tubes and even organs not related to the reproductive system. It causes terrible cramps, back pain, nausea & dizziness and extremely heavy periods.

    I know you're really swamped at the moment, but I really would advise you see a doctor and get checked out properly, in case it's something they can treat. You could take painkillers, but that would only be masking the problem and won't deal with the underlying cause.

    In many cases progesterone birth control will help to lighten periods and make them less painful. Examples include the mini pill, implant, mirena coil and injection. But I really wouldn't suggest going on these right away unless you've seeked medical advice. I unfortunately can't take hormones anymore, but while I did it really helped me.

    Other than that, Evening Primrose Oil (around 1,000mg to 2,000mg a day) can improve menstrual cramps, as well as other PMS symptoms. I found my periods were still heavy, but the pain was more bearable whilst taking EPO. You have to take it for your whole cycle, and it can take around 3 months to start working.

    Cocodamol is a pretty good painkiller for period pain as well, I used to keep a stash of it in the medical room when I was at school!

    Bottom line: GO TO THE GP!! Hopefully they'll be more help to you than we can be :)

    Take care of yourself hope you're feeling better soon xxx

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    Go to the gp and explain what you have done here and see what they recommend. As a teen i had really heavy periods where i was using night time pads and changing them every 2-3 hours. Through the night i was soaking through so had special sheets to absorb it. I had a few occasions i was taking iron tablets because of it. I would have a period pretty much every 6 weeks and it would last roughly 7 days of heavy bleeding and then a few days of tailing off.

    I didnt experience much pain but put up with it because i assumed it was normal. When i met my now hubby i went on the pill and because of my meds i could only take the mini pill.

    Its an absolute godsend. The first few months i had irregular light bleeding where i just wore a pad everyday "just incase" and would get a bit of light spotting and the occasional day where there was a light period.

    After a while though the periods stopped almost completely. Ive now been years without one and honestly i dont know how i would cope if i had to have periods again! Ive forgotten what it was like.

    It might not be suitable for everyone but it is an option if you dont have anything serious thats causing the heavy flow.

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    Hey Hun i would go to your gp and get checked out could be endometriotus (wow thats tricky)..... Im on the injection and its stopped my period that could be worth ago as miines one every three month so its great for busy people , who have painful periods etc. Also get some vitamin tablets .you could easily become eneamic when your on. Theres one with iron in it calles centrum you can get in chemists but has alot vitamins .lotsa goodness great top up to help your body..... MOSTLY GET TO THE DOCTORS!!!!

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    I think you need to make time to visit your doctor you can't go on like this they can prescribe stronger painkillers if thats what you need or medication that will reduce how heavy you are also you should be taking iron or a multivitamin with iron in as you will be losing a lot of iron and can become anaemic just from bad periods alone. just because you weren't anaemic last year doesn't mean you haven't become anaemic since then

    When i get really bad back and belly pains on my period i take a couple of painkillers drink hot drinks and have my blush heart (the same as http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28690 ) placed where my cramps are worse that always makes bareable for me

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    SELF CARE is so important hon. You need to make time to address this becuase it is your body and your health! As women we try to do it all and take care of ourselves last, but I am chiming in here to beg you to see a doctor.

    If you are having pain prior to your flow, it is around ovulation and painful ovulation could indicate an ovarian cyst This is not something to mess around with and wait, if you want to have children someday and you have a cyst it can affect fertility.

    You did not mention a birth control you may be on, but certian formulas of birth control pills can help with this once you have been checked by a gyno.  If youa re already on the pill you may need to use a different formula / hormone mix.  I also personally love my IUD it has been lifesaver for reducing flow and cramps once it was settled in. 

    Finally a solid vitamin regimine can help with overall health and mood but a get a blood check as well you may be low on iron.

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    Hi babe,

    Sounds awful, I had all that too. but the other thing to think about is Early Menopause. I know it sounds nuts, but, seriously, it MAY be a cause. even if you are still having periods. Have a look on "menopause Matters" It may give you an insught. Ther are horrible symptoms all round, and women as young as you have experienced it.

    Just a thought, another line of enquiry, ther are lots of herbal remedies that can, hopefully, help.

    First step would be evening Pimrose Oil capsukes, I am going through it at 40 and I can't believe it , but it's true unfortunately.

    Best of luck to you x

    monkeysparkledust [sign in to see picture]
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    Please excuse the spelling mistakes, I am typing in the near dark. x

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    Your best option would probably be a doctor, I know you said you dont have time to go see one but most doctors practices operate a telephone surgery so you could maybe get your name booked onto one of those then speak to the doctor on the phone, they should hopefully maybe be able to prescribe you something to try and send it to a chemist for you to pick up, if your pain is really bad chances are anything you buy over the counter at a chemist won't help so you may need prescription strength meds.

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    Oh god some of the things here! I might be able to get an hour off (from my office job) to pop to the docs!

    I will get my blood checked again and actually talking about that endimetrosis(sp) thing...After i was raped and i went to get tested to make sure he hadnt given me anything, the nurse saw the pain i was in and said that if it carried on it might be worth getting checked for that.

    I've been on almost every pill that was on the market they all made me ill in some way. I was put on my first one when i was 13 and then after years of trying the doc said when i as 20 that it didnt seem to be the ideal thing for me and to look into an IUD or Coil. I did try the injection and it didnt wor because i got pregnant (and sadly lost the baby at 8 weeks) it also made me have vvery heavy bleeds out of nowhere. My friend has a coil and she seems ok now but the pain she was in after was stupid. Plus i would be worried about the string. The IUD is something i would think about. Can i ask exactly how it is done please? I'm just worried about having something that lasts a long time incase i do meet someone and settle down.

    I hope its not early menopause! I would actually die i'm not even kidding i am dying for children.

    Herbal stuff now THIS is good! I will look into this. i know herbal stuff helped after my horse accident for my leg! Keep them coming everyone i will literally try all of these ideas out!

    Gah thank you for all this! At that LH heart! it's going on my wishlist i might get that on a 3 for 10 with some massage oils and get one of my friends to give me a massage :) I think i will be able to do that next week :) I didnt even know this heart was on here but the reviews sound fantastic :)

    From the bottom of my heart thank you. This is something that has been getting worse for a while. It's good to hear different sides and the anemia bit was intresting i didnt know it could happen suddenly i thought it was something that happened from the moment you were born...or started your periods


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    The IUD is inserted by a doctor, it is a small plastic device with very low level of hormones and it does have a string that they advise you check to make sure it is in place. The string is a bit corse and depending on your body and your partner you may find it bothersome. I had them trim the strings off at my gyno because they bothered my partner. It can last up to 5 years, but you can have it removed (again at a doctors office) and concieve on your next cycle.

    I did have "break through" bleeding / spotting the first 45 days of the IUD but after that my monthly is very very light. I have not bought a box of tampons in 5 years that is how little I have ever required one.

    If you have endomentriosis (sp) there are treatment plans to manage that condition, especially if you want to maintain fertility for future children. Again nothing to mess around with and a health care professional is essential here.

    For general pain / aches / sore body I also love to soak in epson salt. You may find that offers some relief as well.

    Sometimes it is easier to ask "strangers" about this stuff than friends, if I can answer anything regarding an IUD let me know.

    naughty mum [sign in to see picture]
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    Hun... Take this from a mum of 2 boys... Post hysterectomy/ ex HCA nurse, do not put this off!
    Gp gp gp!
    Given your history you could be brewing something that needs urgent attention. Anything that affects your ability to function normally that seriously needs you to get an urgent visit to gp, and or a specialist gynecologist.
    There are many possible solutions, and problems, and or combinations that you are suffering from...and a best fit solution needs to be worked out asap.anyone loosing too much blood on periods do risk anemia, and as your test was prior to this series of events, something has obviously changed. Ectopic pregnancy can also mask as very chronic periods with heavy bleeding.. It is another possible to the list quoted above...and not something you want to hang around if it is...although I suspect you might be OK on that, as the symptoms would be more short term...not over so many months.
    Don't risk your health... You run the risk of collapsing if you continue to experience such pain,and blood loss.... And your bosses will not have you there to work. Its in their interest to get you fighting fit too
    Remember you can be use sick leave.
    Hugs and get it sorted or we will hound you!😝😏

    Boogaloo [sign in to see picture]
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    MissBrownEyes92 wrote:

    The IUD is something i would think about. Can i ask exactly how it is done please? I'm just worried about having something that lasts a long time incase i do meet someone and settle down.

    I hope its not early menopause! I would actually die i'm not even kidding i am dying for children.

    Oh hun I feel your pain :( I almost went blind and have sustained brain damage due to a neurological disorder, but being infertile is still worse than anything I could possibly imagine as OH and I are desperate for a baby once we've moved out! I haven't ovulated in months, which is frightening, and like you I really should get checked out! Remember that's the worst case scenario though, it's nothing to even think about at this stage when you don't know what the problem is :)

    I had the hormonal IUD, as Vanessa said it's inserted by a trained doctor and usually takes around 10-20 mins to do. You have the choice of either anaesthetic gel on your cervix (which I had), or an anaesthetic injection in the cervix to help with the pain, but you can also take painkillers an hour or so beforehand. For some people it's mildly uncomfortable, for others (like myself) it's excruciating, so if you are thinking about it make sure you book the rest of the day off work so you can have plenty of rest.

    It lasts 5 years, but you can have it removed at any time so don't worry about wanting to have kids in future. It's best to remove it around 6-12 months before you want to TTC though as it takes a while for your cycles to get back to normal.

    The IUD did lighten my periods a lot, but I experienced daily menstrual-like cramps with it for months so I had mine removed. It's meant to be the best thing to help with periods though as it releases hormones directly into the uterus and is long lasting.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask :) xxx

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    I was similar to you, very heavy flow, agonising pains that made it impossible to leave the house, i had to sleep sitting up and could barely crawl off the sofa, either unable to get to sleep or being woken up by the cramps, and would switch between being exactly 26 days apart for months then suddenly go anything between 2 and 8 weeks apart. I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome, have you been tested for it? I got the implant june of last year, it has completely changed my life! in the 10 months i've had it, no periods, i did spot for about 9 days last month with mild cramp the first 2 days but nothing like i used to be. I might be just starting to spot this month, i did have some pains for about a half hour yesterday and my natural "lubrication" has a light brownish tint (apologies for tmi) but it really is nothing at all like the agony or life being put on hold torture periods used to be!

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    I have also been diagnosed with anemia, i only just make enough blood, during my period i would become anemic, lethargic, pale, sickly, which on top of the fact my medication causes LBP when standing, every time i stood up i almost passed out, i'd lose my vision, get light headed, and have to hold on to something to not fall over. I would DEFINITELY second everyones advice to see a doctor.

    No pill agreed with me, first one i was rushed to A and E suspected blood clot in my lung or heart, sebsequesnt ones left me incredibly ill with side effects, even the low does pill, butt he nexplanon implant really is my saviour. niot a single side effect. If you would consider the sub dermal implant, it is reversible, your fertility returns to normal pretty much as soon as it is taken out, it requires just a local anasthetic, takes 5 minutes, i did have a complication of scar tissue after but it is very rare for that to happen and its totally settled in now, never even feel it.

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