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  1. white/blach magic wand - few questions?

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    whats the different between the black and white lovehoney magic wand? black is £10 more than the white one.

    also, what sort of wattage the motor draws? reason i ask, my girlfriend loves to play with herself in car while i drive. she has a strange fetish lol i'm thinking of get an 12v inverter so she can play with the magic wand but need to know what wattage the motor draws.


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    Not sure about the wattage I'm afraid, perhaps speak to customer care about that one.

    As far as I know there is no difference between the black and the white version, except colour (and perhaps packaging). I ordered the purple one before it was discontinued, and it's identical to the white one pretty much. I guess the black one is slightly newer and more stylish looking, hence the £10 price bump!

    Correct me if I'm wrong people, I don't have the black one so can't be 100% sure.

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    The only difference is the colour and the offers they are currently in :)

    They are both CE certified with the voltage being 250V - they are UK plug mains powered so I am not fully sure about car use - maybe a wireless one like these? Would be a lot easier to use in the car too



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    I've got a recent black wand and and older white wand. They look identical but I've found the white one to be much harder to stall whilst the black will stop vibrating under pressure. In terms of wattage, I measured them peaking at 65W on full power with a large resistance (trying to stop the vibrations with my hand). With a 150W power interverter for the car (a common wattage) you should have not trouble running one, maybe two, of these.

    Hope that helps.

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