• Electro-Stimulation

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    Iv never tried any e-stim toys, they sound interesting!!

    Has anyone tried any out? Thoughts and feelings?


    Chlo x

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    There was a post about this a couple of days ago. If you can't find it I can give some more information.


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    ^indeed there have been several recently. It walks the line between pleasure and pain, the pleasure is like nothing you'll have experienced before - vibrations that start much further inside than a vibe or even wand can get, and then on the flip side turn the power too high and it's just unbearable; not in a bad way but in a giggley way, a bit like when blood flows back into a pins and needles affected limb.
    It's very versatile, great fun and generally wow

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    Sum Sub. Good description. We've got a vag & but plug, aswell as cock rings and when those are on it's just like pins and needles in the cock, until it's turned up and pulsed!! The but plug is something else, you think that the clenching is going to suck it up!!

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    I love e-stim because you have a dial which can go from nothing to pain with pleasure inbetween. If someone else is using it I'd suggest pointing out beforehand how high you want to go and potentially test it on yourself first.

    I've used various plugs, pads and dual pinwheels with e-stim and they all feel very different. Some plugs will be completely inside you to give a pulsing feeling from within. Others sit half in and half out which makes your butthole pulse in time with it. Increasing the power and/or speed can make for a fun experience, even by yourself.

    With pads it's normally a pulsing feeling as the muscle contracts and relaxes. Again check how high you can go slowly, going really high can feel like cramp which will kill the mood very quickly. Also be careful where you put them and avoid the chest and spine areas.

    Dual pinwheels are the most intersting I've found. If you're not into any kind of pain then you can ignore these. If you are then it's like a standard pinwheel but the dial increases the "spikiness" sensation without actually piercing the skin. You can get very short, sharp pain with minimal effort.

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    This was very informative! Hadn't considered the electro stimulation toys before but definately vey curious after reading this.

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    I would like to try these either on myself or wife, they do tend to be quite expensive though. Heard it said you should keep all contact points below your waist line

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    Quiet ones are worse! wrote:

    Heard it said you should keep all contact points below your waist line

    This is the safest option, most of the fun is to be had down there anyway. In theory the current passes from one electrode to the other so as long as the heart or spine isn't between the two you should be okay. That is a "should" though and in my mind it's not worth the risk.

    I have tested insertables in my hand and feel no effects outside the palm area so I'd consider this safe. It not what I would consider "fun" although it is a good way to test the power box and electrode.

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    Used sensibly electro toys are a different dimension to most, if not all other toys, The pads and rings are good but it is the insertables that really do the buissness,

    The options are endless, combinations of pulses and strengths, for different patrs of the body, and with a choice of dildos, massagers and plugs, so it is a toy that is worth experimenting with, when you find your preferences, and a little imagination, and it really can feel like recieving oral, rimed and with an insetable, like a ghost is screwing you, On the right setting, with a plug, apart from the occasional moving the plug position and changing the pulse or intensity, this sex system can bring me to the point of ejaculation many times before exploding, I cant speak for the ladies, but I can imagine many would love it,

    Beware Though!

    Sometimes if handled outside the body it can give you a nip, so remeber if you are going to move position, turn off or go down to a lower power output, I would also advise that turnning down the power a little when changing pulse settings,as it can catch you by surprise,

    Has to be experienced,

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    We treated ourselves to the Electrastim EM60 flick kit from LH a little while back. It has been really fun experimenting with it. The rings work really well, and you can use one ring and put a pad on the other half, then adjust the unit carefully during penetration to see what happens. Different feelings at varying depths, and with the different pulse settings.

    I've only tried the Aura Noir once so far but it was a mad experience, and needs to be tried again soon.

    As Chris248 says, be a bit careful when breaking the circuit, it's def advisable to turn the power down or off, & when changing modes if you haven't tried it in that position/pad location before.

    im almost thinking I should have gone for the dual channel EM80 as some of the toys use a quad pole setup instead of dual.

    It's a lot of fun and adds a whole new dimension to play with.

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    We have an Estimulation kit, and was luck enough to get an attachment to test out too. I have written a review too. They good fun to play with solo, and if u have lots of time on your hands you can really get into it. The pads placed around the lips have given me very intense no handed orgasms. They're a totally different experience to vibrating toys. If you can treat yourself then go for it!!

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    Both me and my boyfriend (who loves to dominate me, and I love to be dominated by) are also very interested in this area of BDSM.
    The idea of electricity scares me so much, but at the same time I love it! We are yet to try out any electro sex toys, but are very willing to! I think he'll use them as much as he can - especially if I've disobeyed! He'll definitely be using them to his advantage if we do purchase them.

    Does anyone recommend any of the e-stim sets or have any other tips?

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    U can read my other reviews on the estim kit itself and the anal probe too. 😜

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