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  1. Rabbit help!

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    Hey guys!

    So for xmas my lovely bf bought me a rabbit. It's just the mini one from [edit by lovehoney admin] (i know its naughty to ask on here but it's where i always go!). I was really excited to try it, but i just cant get the hang of it.

    The length is great, but its the ears that bother me. When the toy is inserted, the ears dont sit against me as they're supposed to, but rather just below, and when turned on the vibrations make it stab me more than anything else, which is painful. it feels like its too stiff. And even when i do some man handling and force the ears to sit on my clit, they dont sit with one ear either side, but stick together, and just kind of flop to the side. But since it doesn't fit there naturally it just kind of hurts.

    Maybe i just have a weird anatomy, but i've always felt that i was pretty equal to my previous girl friends, so im a little confused?

    I'm really rather upset and i was really looking forward to using this toy, and i know that there is so much potential! And since ann summer don't allow returns, my only option with it is to try and work it out.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks xx

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    It can be really difficult to find a rabbit that fits you perfectly. I've had 5 and never found one that's a perfect fit.

    If you buy from Lovehoney you can send back anything for up to a year, even if it's been used, so that's a great reason to buy from here instead of that shop!

    Also don't mention the competition in your posts, just say a competitor!

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    I found when i tried a rabbit the ears never came close, and often ended up jamming in my vaginal opening any time i moved and wasn't holding them in place, not an enjoyable experience.

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    You could try just the ears or shaft on your clit, or move it around into other unconventional positions to see if it's any good anywhere :) If you're really not going to use it you could send it to lovehoneys rabbit amnesty for oh! points. I'd definitely kindly mention to your boyfriend how handy LH's return policy is for things like this too lol!

    If you are planning to get a different one, I've just gotten the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot vibrator, and it's amazing!

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