1. Ben Wa Balls & Toners

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    I purchased these from LH


    My first time in using kegal toners etc, and I have been doing a lot of research etc. Because I am a beginner and i believed I would need a larger/beginner set.

    So they have been in since 10am approx, there is no feeling or sensation that they will fall out, no discomfort either, they are seriously not going any where Basically not the feeling that if I dont tighten my muscles they will `fall out`

    Does this mean I need a smaller/heavier set, is there something I am doing wrong? I know they are `in there` mind you, as I can feel them when I work my pelvic muscles

    Also which ones should I get next



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    I recommend the fifty shades set that comes with four balls. There are different combinations so you can change the weight as you progress. I tried them with the lightest two and like you i didnt feel like they were going anywhere so im upping the weight and seeing if that helps.

    i think small and heavy are recommended if you dont have kids or any problems down below. But that being said its best to work up i think rather than go straight in with something so heavy you struggle with.

    Can i ask what the string is made of with those ones? Does it have a plasticcy coating to keep it hygenic? In the picture it just looks like string which could be a problem in the future as its hard to keep clean.

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    Thanks very much JM88

    Yeh I am looking into the glass ones, also seen some others :)

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    Those are the exact Ben Wa balls that I have! I love them and I get yummy sensations from them, but yeah, JM88 is right - the string makes it hard to clean them to my full satisfaction. Using my usual sex toy cleaner didn't feel like it was doing the job, so I livechatted with someone at LH and they told me I could wash them in boiling hot water if I felt it was needed. I now do that every time I use them.

    That can get a wee bit tiresome, and I feel ready to move on slightly now anyway, so I've ordered these and I'm just waiting for them to arrive:


    I also bought these because they're on sale right now:


    But I don't think they'll be getting used straight away. I'll need to work my way up to them.

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    Hi Cutie

    Yeh Looks like I be taking the ben wa balls back. After being thuroughy cleaned of course!

    I was looking at the glass ones before, i love glass

    As for the metal ones, yeh same with me I would need to work up to them...or is it down...

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    The Tracey Cox supersex ones seem okay. My OH has used them.

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