1. How many toys to have?

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    The people posting their numbers made me curious about how many toys I have, so I did a quick inventory - minus toys that I cleared out this week, and plus items that I'm expecting to arrive this week, my number is 30. It's a lot less than I thought I had, to be honest, but it's still plenty to keep me occupied. I'm single right now - if I had a partner, I would end up buying a lot more.

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    I honestly think we would be perfectly happy with just our Tracey Cox bullet vibe and our LH glass dildo.

    I sometimes wish we could be more adventurous and we do have other things we use now and again, but these are our go-to toys every time.

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    I think I have too many as well. It's hard to know really. As a single male, i'm slightly concerned that someday somene will want to share my life and i'll have some explaining to do.

    My goal for 2015 is to try new toys, but perhaps focus on the higher quality ones.

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    We think we have pretty much reached our limit. We have about 40, but a lot of those are duplicates whilst we find good examples. We probably only use 7 or 8 regularly.
    I can't see buying many more, apart from larger examples of ones we have already.

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    Love the idea of a secret door at the back of wardrobe, will have to look at my bedroom storage again

    LilMissFrustrated [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't think you should ever put a number on it, a bit like shoes! People change preferences, new toys are produced, new materials are produced and I guess many of us start cheap then work up. Once you feel you don't need any more then Thats enough other than that keep exploring!

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    0 after my only toy broke lol

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    Not sure of the exact number but easily into double figures.

    Ame [sign in to see picture]
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    Well, I don't have many sex toys as I ended up returning some, and haven't had the opportunity to buy others as I spent a bit on a whip last time. It wasn't so expensive, but as I'm not in the UK the shipping added up a bit, and at the moment I don't have a job. Maybe if after buying some stuff I really need I have some money left from Christmas presents, I'll buy some. Which always leaves me feeling guilty, like using the money my auntie or my grandparents gave me to buy sex toys, but I guess money is money and I can always say I bought a book, which is what I usually buy anyway.

    I started purchasing sex toys because I was not living with my boyfriend and our cities are a bit far away, and I only saw him at the weekends, not all, and he came to see me in his free days from work. But during the week I felt a bit sexually lonely as my sex drive is a bit high sometimes and my finger might be enough but certainly the vibes help a lot and don't leave my parts sore. So I have some basic toys, like a dildo, a bullet and two vibrators, one of which I don't like but can't return or send to recycle as it was a gift from my boyfriend - it has sentimental value. I would buy more but sometimes I feel I would rather buy a fancier one than a cheap one and I have to postpone the purchase as I can't spend a big load of money without feeling guilty. I guess that if I get a job I'll just go on a sex toy spree!

    My boyfriend doesn't have toys, we have acessories some for couple use and lubes but other than that it's just for me. Maybe one day I'll offer him a sleeve or a tenga egg, who knows.

    I think you should have as many as you think you should, if you can afford. It's like anything else. Throughout the years I have spent so much money on books that when I sum up approximately what I paid I understand that the value I have in books is probably higher than what I spent in my house's whole furniture. Once again I feel bad but then I order some more and feel good again with the idea of receiving more and reading more. I guess it's like when I'm drinking beer and feel lightheaded, I just drink a bit more and feel better again. It's a kind of reverse process. Haha.

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    I think you should have as many as you want after all they make us happy and give us such pleasure. I know in 2015 I shall be buying lots more as items on the site look so cool and I think I must try that. There is sexy underwear, dildos, vibrators ooh I think I have already got 2 wishlists going and I am still seeing things I would like to buy. New toys are always going to be produced so I guess like our clothes, we willneed to throw out some old ones to make way for the new ones, well that will be my excuse.

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    I haven't counted in a while, but did just clear some older ones out. They just weren't getting used and we have limited storage space.
    To answer the question (haven't read all of the responses yet), you can never have too many. More important than having a lot, is having the right ones, LOL. I bet that I could throw all but my wife's two newest (both Lelo) away and she would be just fine.

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