1. do your pets play with sex toys

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    We have a cat that keeps trying to eat our cane, and leather braided crop, and keeps pouncing for the strands on the floggers. This morning for xmas I got J a LH wand, when we switch it on the cats attracted to the noise, sniffing it, but as sone as the vibrations touch her nose she jumped a mile, for next half hour she was trying to half attack the wand and half scared of it when she felt it vibrate.

    It was really funny, she wasn't the pussy I got the toy for.

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    I'm sure my cats would have a field day with my floggers if I let them! Luckily they are always hidden away!

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    We try to keep our floggers hidden, but the cat is a sneaky little sod at times.

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    I keep all of my toys packaged away in a box at all times, so my cat doesn't have access to them. However, he did once manage to get into my bedroom without me noticing, and I was using a vibrator under my quilt. The way he jumped onto the bed and tried to attack it through the quilt showed me that he would probably destroy my toys if he got half a chance!

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    No, but one of the cats has a make up brush fetish, keeps running off with them!

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    Always keep my Lelo Siri in its drawstring bag. One time I found the cat dashing around with the drawstring bag (complete with contents) in its mouth. =^..^=

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    My cats are interested in anything that me or my partner show any interest in so sex toys are unfortunately not an exception, although it is very cute that they try to be people. It's most noticable with obvious things like the tassles on floggers, but they also think we want their attention if they hear anything vibrating because they have cat toys with the pull-strings that make their toys make a similar noise. Checking all my LH purchases before xmas was a nightmare because they kept climbing in the boxes and playing with the packing paper, and one of my cats managed to get their claws into the straps of a lovely new satin blindfold because she thought it looked interesting. So naughty!

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    Not on purpose... however I did have a RO-80MM bullet lying on my desk that was running out of juice, and just for sh*ts and giggles, I turned it on, put it on the floor and let it roll around vibrating - just to see what Elphie (my pug) would do - she went MENTAL. She kept trying to step on it, but because it was vibrating it made her jump - and then when she tried to pick it up in her mouth, it tickled her teeth and tongue and she dropped it - she then proceeded to just bark at it for 10 minutes.

    But she has never snuck up and chewed on a dildo or anything, as I keep the bedroom door shut - and she's not allowed up there without adult supervision! And we shut her out when we want to get naughty with toys anyway, so she probably has no idea we even have them.

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    I admit I would be unlikely to use any sex toy that has been chewed by our dalmo ever again (well, perhaps a glass one or a metal one might be salvageable - hours and hours in boiling water might do the trick but I doubt a silicone toy could be cleaned well enough), I may not be totally obsessed with hygiene but a certain level of cleanliness is something I consider pretty important. Thankfully, the spotted fellow has never managed to lay his teeth or paws on any of my playthings.

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    We keep our toys in a drawer because our dogs a chewer! His usual MO is to wait until we get naked then help himself to a discarded sock on the floor. He also goes through phases where he likes to chew the buttons off of boxer shorts so now we have to make sure they are put out of reach!

    Ive proded his belly with a bullet vibe and he wasnt interested at all. He was intrigued by the wand when i first plugged it in but when i turned it up to full he backed away and gave it the same dirty look the hoover gets. I know given half a chance he would grab my jelly rabbit so i make sure he cant!

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    Had a very confused female house rabbit who would regularly attempt to mount her pink pig soft toy friend does that count?

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    I have rats so I have to be very careful where I keep my toys! They can't resist rubbery and silicone textures, and I've had a pair of feathery cuffs ruined when I forgot they were under my pillow and left a poorly girl with her medicated food to nip to the toilet... Came back to black feathery carnage and said girl sat in the middle of it looking innocent. Wires also get it so my chargers have to hide too.

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    My crop whip is in an inaccessible part of the wardrobe (even for family security, in case someone pops up) and my toys are very secure inside my bedside table. When I am playing with them I disencourage my cats from being present, through a cat toy being thrown to the corridor or closing the door. I love my three cats to death but I hope they never play with my toys. I have already accepted and dealt with the fact that sometimes my tea might have had a paw in it, and that my rice might have been licked while I'm finishing the eggs in the opposite counter. I even admit that sometimes I sleep on a pillow that had a cat on it that might just have left his litter box, and that those same paws have been on my bread table, looking through the window.

    But not my sex toys, that's off limits!

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