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  1. Lelo Lyla 2 Issues

    Scorched_Soul [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi guys,

    This is my first time posting here so apologies if I'm going over something that's already been discussed but I've just purchased the Lyla 2 and it is really not working as I expected it to. Great design, great vibrations and overall quality product but it just doesn't seem to work properly with the remote when the egg is inserted. I've been through all the regular battery checks and triple checked via the manual that we're using it correctly. Externally, it will work across the house but internally it will only respond within 30cm max and then only intermittently - I.e. Not across a dinner table.

    Has anyone else experienced any issues like this? Does anyone else that owns the product have any experience of good levels of communication between the remote and the egg when it is inserted?

    I've contacted both love honey and Lelo directly but neither have been able to provide much more information so I was wondering if there was anyone out there with some first hand experience of the product?


    Young and fun95 [sign in to see picture]
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    Not that one in particular but it's a common issue with insertable eggs, if you purchased it off LH you can get a replacement, see if that one was just faulty otherwise try a different one, there's a few new ones which are good on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled

    Anonymous Lady [sign in to see picture]
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    Sorry, I haven't tried out Lyla, and from the look of the reviews, no one seems to have this issue.

    Do you usually experience channel interferences in your house? Maybe there's something "jamming" the signal?

    Or it might just be that you've been sent a malfunctioning unit. You can always return the toy, LH has a one year return policy and great customer care.

    margaret.t [sign in to see picture]
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    Actually, Hey Epiphora wrote about the same issue with Lelo Lyla in her review of the toy, so I guess you're not the only one. Actually this is why I still haven't made up my mind whether to buy a Lyla or not... I really want a good remote control insertable egg, but I'd be devastated if it didn't really work that well. To quote Epiphora - she said that the remote had to be really close to and directed straight to her vagina. And this is just insane...

    But it seems that most people didn't have the same problem, so I hope it's just your egg and you'd be able to return it, it would be a damn shame if it's an issue with all Lylas... But nowadays I can pretty much expect anything from Lelo... Their toys are either mind blowing or suck big time... :-/

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