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  1. Fleshlight: Sex in a Can vs Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit vs 'Celebrity' fleshlights

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    Decisions, decisions! There are so many of these damn things, it's hard (he he) to decide which one to choose! At first, as I said in my review of the Doc Johnson Realistic UR3 Vagina, there was no way I was going to spend £50+ on a sex toy!

    However, after reading a few reviews here and around the web, I have decided to pick one up so now I need help as to which one.

    Firstly, I really like the look of the Pink Lady as it is a Stamina Training Unit as well, which is always a good bonus! Do the other models train stamina as effectively? Regarding the 'celebrity' ones, I am guessing that a good deal of the price is down to having a 'pussy' that's just like any given porn star's, along with having their name on the thing. Well, I couldn't really care less especially if that adds a good £10 or £15 on to the price! After all, once you're in, you're not looking at the opening ha ha!

    While £50+ does still sound a bit steep in my opinion, I'm guessing with these things you might well get what you pay for as far as durability is concerned and that it might be a false economy to spend less on one.

    This is will be my second sex toy and my first Fleshlight. Am of average length and girth if that's required information ha ha!

    Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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    Hi there, this LH guide may be useful to you when choosing your fleshlight :) x


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    The STU's are designed to be a little tighter than the regular fleshlight - that's the only real difference. I had a STU Fleshjack and a regular one, and the difference in texture wasn't overly noticeable - but the STU was indeed just a little bit tighter.

    As for the Pornstar/celebrity Fleshlights - It's really down to personal choice. The internal textures are generally the same, it's just the outer labia detailing that's different.

    Fleshlights are indeed on the pricey side, and they can be a bit cumbersome to use (they're are probably one of the heaviest hand-held masturbators) and are a bit of an effort to clean and maintain - but it will last you a VERY long time.

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    Yeah... it seems to me that the main issue is the fact you have to let it air dry after cleaning it - which means you need somewhere to leave it lying around which isn't really an option right now.

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    It wasn't cumbersome to use for me, quite the contrary. It's not all that heavy, and as it's covered by a plastic case, you have no incentive to hold it tightly, you just have to keep moving it, making it very relaxing to use.

    I'd recommend it for stamina training. It feels alike to real vaginas to train yourself with it (at least the Lotus insert is) and it's very, very different from using your hand. This is actually the reason why I felt underwhelmed at first, but then I realized it's only because I desensitized my cock with that dry, super tight, super fast masturbation I used to do with my hand. After I realized this, I could enjoy the toy for what it was really meant to do, and oh boy. It's fantastic. Get one.

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    I second the notion of having to 'get used' to these sort of things after a long time of nothing but my hand, no lube etc, etc - the sensation I get from the Doc Johnson Realistic Vagina that I ordered is very pleasurable indeed; if the Fleshlight is even better than that...wow!

    Also, as it has a case I guess it's much easier to store; you don't need a special bag or anything like that. Speaking of which, if you don't have one of the Lovehoney toy bags, do you guys have any suggestions about how to store male toys that don't come with their own case?

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    I've got the Lady Lager, STU and super ribbed so I can't compare the celeb versions but I can give you some feedback.

    The Sex in a Can fleshlights are more more of a gimmick IMO, they are short tight (a little too tight) and the design is poorer (air cap is bad).

    The STU is great and similar tightness to the super ribbed, but with more texture. You really get a much better product with the complete/full fleshlights. You get more length, they are less noisey and easier to use (they have grips which the cans don't).

    If you want something smaller the the full fleshlights for storage/travel the tengas flipholes are amazing (tbh if you want pure pleasure they are superior) and the red/silver models are £50 at the moment. The flips holes also dry in about a 1/5th of the time it takes a flesh light to dry.

    One last tip if your not already using topcashback tor quidco take a look makes any purchase much more tempting.

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    Yes, I'm already well aware of TopCashBack - I have about £110 that I wouldn't have thanks to that excellent site and Lovehoney has a very good cashback rate. However, I have had to chase up all my transactions so far as none of them seem to have tracked correctly.

    Now I've looked into the 'Sex in a Can' ones, I think I'll pass - as you said, they don't have proper grips to hold on to so if your hand even a tiny bit slippery it'll be tricky to hold on to. I guess the 'full' version of Fleshlight is only another £10 or £15 or so; makes sense to add the extra by the sounds of it. :) Thanks for your reply.

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