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  1. Cane - Paddle or crop?

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    I'm not going to suggest what to buy, but I am going to give you some tips to help make future decisions. These are general tips and don't apply in every instance but from experience I have noted the following:

    The smaller the area of impact and the lighter the tool....the more intense it will sting. So bamboo canes, the flick of a wet towel etc = nips like crazy.

    Larger/wider/heavier tools create a more "thudding" impact and the sting to the surface tends to vary dramatically depending on the material chosen. So, when I think of paddles (all the same size) for example, this is the intensity scale I imagine (from harshest to gentlest): Silicone, leather, wood/plastic, suede. (This is just my experience...your mileage may vary)

    With floggers, the intensity can vary dramatically again depending on the thickness of each frond, the length of the drop and the materials used. I don't own two floggers that feel the same! lol (I adore floggers...drools)

    In terms of use for the top, from easiest to hardest (to weild and control) my experiences are: Paddles, floggers, canes shorter whips, longer whips (bullwhips etc). In my experience, floggers and canes are roughly similar in regards to control but only if you are not going at it hard. As soon as you increase the intensity, canes become harder to control and floggers, in full swing, become easier to control. Practice whipping a pillow for as long as it takes to become accurate, before weilding anything harsh against her arse. You don't really want to miss with some tools (such as whips)

    Finally, one last tip. Test all products on your own ass/thighs before hitting someone else with them. As mentioned, each tool creates a different level of intensity. Hitting someone with a cane just as hard as you would with a flogger....may cause some intense pain! Test them on yourself and get an idea of how to hold them, how hard to hit to create what kind of intensity and remember more sensitive areas of the body will hurt more. Avoid hitting the head/neck/lower back/kidney area at all times.

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    We have a selection of floggers, paddles, crops, and a cane. They all have different sensations depending how they are used. What ever you choose, start gentle with light taps and build up slowly, in both force and speed. Try to vary your strokes for different sensations.

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