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  1. Taking toys on holiday.

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    never taken anything on holiday - yet, but do remember coming home from Spain a while back, my wifes bag arrived on the carousel buzzing happily to itself, lots of people pointing a giggling keeping an eye out to try and see who owned the bag in question, my wife stepped forward cool as you like, unzipped her bag as the crowd attempted to see what was inside, she looked at her audience and said. "bloody toothbrush!"

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    Like te idea of wearing the egg but my husband would be so horny whilst in flight i wouldn't be able to keep his hand off me. Might end up joining mile high club! lol

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    We took all our favourites, glass dildo proved a life saver, absolutely boiling and it lived in the fridge, the cold felt amazing. Also took lingerie for first time ever, OH loved it. Didn't have a single problem could tell no one had opened the bag and all toys were unscathed, make sure to take batteries out though

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    I just normally take the batteries out and I've never had a problem.

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    I've never taken anything in hand luggage before... Only ever in my main suitcase! I'm sure Lovehoney had a blog post on this a while back but for the life of me I can't find it!

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    MiLfAnDmOnKeY wrote:

    I'm off to Portugal and was gonna bring vibrating love egg, and I better off wearing it or putting it in luggage?! Not travelled with toys before so unsure how scanning thing works : /

    Keep in mind that wearing the egg through security could end in an embarrassing situation if it sets off the alarm OR if you are unlucky enough to have a random scan as it will show up very clearly on the scanned image. A better solution may be for you to have the egg in your hand luggage ( batteries removed or even in your OH,s hand luggage) until you are through security and only then to pop it in. It would be far less embarrassing finding it in your bag than in your vagina!

    Enjoy your holiday

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    I packed a handful of toys in my suitcase (with no batteries in the electric ones, of course) and my suitcase wasn't searched. I was worried as well, but depending on where you're going, I doubt it's a problem, and the shape that shows up on the scanner shouldn't raise any concerns.

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    I always take vibrators with me and have never had a problem. I was on an exchange year in Turkey last year and travelled over and back (from Ireland) a good few times with them in my checked-in luggage, batteries still in, and it hadn't been looked through. I've also brought them in my hand luggage to England and Lanzarote without being checked, I'm pretty sure all security know what they are. You should take the batteries out, but I have forgotten too before in both checked-in and hand luggage and it still wasn't checked. I've brought all shapes and sizes and haven't had any problems. It really shouldn't cause any suspicion, and if you do get asked what it is try to not get embarrassed! :)


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    Well we have taken our deluxe wand , just put it in our main suitcase. Wish we had brought some lube though the only thing we've found here in Portugal is durex play at €10.

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