1. Toy updated, now what?

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    Strange title, couldn't think of anything better.

    So I have the "old" Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Godess silver balls that I barely ever use because the rope string is an absolute horror to clean and I'm not comfortable putting anything inside me for longer periods if I can't know with certainty that it's completely clean. Now I noticed there's an updated version that has a silicone string so it's guaranteed to be clean.

    I'm not sure if I should buy the new ones (seems a bit like a waste of money) or maybe perhaps I'm just extremely lucky and stuff like this falls under Lovehoneys return/exchange policy?

    Or is there anyone who can give me advice on how to clean it well enough that the rope is 100% clean through and through?

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    If you bought them less than a year ago send them back for a refund and buy the new ones :)

    You can return anything for any reason, even if you just changed your mind.

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    If it's less than a year since you bought it you can return it for whatever reason you want

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    Personally, I avoid jiggle balls with string joins and choose ones with silicone joins, because as you pointed out, string is not really vagina friendly. It is an absorbant material that no doubt will harbour bacteria and I can't think of an effective way to sterilise it (boil and bleach maybe, but these options are likely to either damage the balls/string and/or leave nasty chemical residues that could irriate the mucous membranes of the vagina) String is also quite course and I imagine it can cause chafing as it rubs inside you, or as you pull the balls out.

    I might just be extra fussy, because I imagine some people would say "Hey, my/my partners fingers are inserted into my body daily and you can't sterilise hands (unless...gloves). Plus we insert tampons, which is a cottony absorbant material, and leave them inserted for hours. So I guess it is possible that we insert more bacteria though other types of play or use. However, I personally like to reduce all potential risks, because I am really prone to UTI infections and thrush. I would rather just use objects that I know can be cleaned completely.

    Personally I recommend upgrading. First of all, I can't think of any way to ensure complete sterilisation of string (without damaging the product or causing irritation to your body) and if the image and worry is detracting from your fun and comfort using the product...then definitely upgrade and go silicone.

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    That's how I feel fluffbags! I mean I know about the fingers and the tampons but I still feels that's a little different than leaving a rope lying around gathering bacteria and who knows what else.

    I bought them in December last year so looks like I'll be able to exchange them and get the new ones. :)

    Thank you, you lovely lot! xx

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