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  1. Silly silicone?

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    When you leave your mind wander a bit, silly ideas tend to pop into existence. Sometimes you feel like building little houses with paperclips, sometimes you look up Finnish palindromes and sometimes you wonder about something practical, yet somewhat unusual or rather awkward to discuss with most people. One question just like this has just struck my mind - imagine you have been using a toy that goes well with silicone based lube, a glass dildo or something like that. How long can it take until your vagina (largely self-cleaning organ) gets rid of the lube completely? I would guess that using, say, silicone jiggle balls some twelve hours (next day) later should be okay but what would you think could be a minimal time to make sure you don't end up with a tacky silicone goo inside you should there be a silicone vs. silicone reaction? Few hours at most, perhaps? Most lube dries up fairly quickly but what about some slight leftovers?

    I am (surprise, surprise) not eager to make any silly experiments on myself but nevertheless, being curious, I wonder what could happen. Any experiences?

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    I really don't know, I thought you weren't supposed to use silicone based lubes vaginally at all?

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    Silicone lube is perfectly safe to use vaginally unless you're one of the very rare few with a sensitivity; a thin layer of silicone lubricant is pre-applied to latex condoms by certain brands, if I remember correctly? I know Pasante use silicone lube for theirs.

    I actually have no idea how long silicone lube stays in the body for though, I do remember one manufacturer saying that it essentially removes itself/gets 'flushed out' within 24 hours or so?

    Either way, a silicone toy shouldn't react with silicone lube, leftover or not, if both the toy and the lube are high quality platinum silicone - some lower grade toys are made from dodgy silicone 'blends' that do have a chance of reacting with a silicone lube, but toys from Fun Factory, Vixen, Lelo, etc paired with a high quality lubricant should be fine. I frequently use my silicone toys with silicone & hybrid lubes and have never had any icky reactions or breakdowns. Always, always do a patch test though, I think Fluffbags on here/Gritty Woman did a patch test with a silicone lube that was marked as 'ideal for toys' and it left a weird finish behind. So.

    I've typed silicone so many times now that it doesn't even look like a real word anymore.

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    So deep..no,really..have no idea.You have interesting things running through your mind though.

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    Have no idea
    It's too early for such long complicated threads pmsl

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