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  1. Help With Prostate Massager

    Incendiaire [sign in to see picture]
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    bootsorhearts wrote:

    Hi, Incendiaire,

    Thanks for contributing your insight to this thread. I enjoyed reading through your review of the Revo 2.

    I feel like a right plonker for even asking such a stupid question, but I am honestly still not sure if I am properly 'accessing' my prostate when using the Revo 2. I have no idea what it is meant to feel like when it's being stimulated, so I'm simply left to assume the toy is hitting the right spot.

    Again, I know we all experience this sort of play differently, but are there any 'telltale' feelings when the prostate is aroused? Is it comparable to anything?

    Apologies for the inane questions, but I'm eager to learn!


    Personally I find that prostate stimulation can be quite a subtle feeling initially, which can lead to a lot of confusion about whether or not you're doing it right.

    The best way to get properly acquainted with the idea is to google up a cross-section of the male anatomy, just to give you an idea of where the prostate is, and then go exploring with a finger. You'll find a spongy mass just inside the rectum, not very deep at all, and if you firmly stroke across the surface of it by making a "come hither" gesture with your finger, then you should get a reaction that tells you "oh, that feels quite nice" and then you'll know that you've hit it. Once you've located exactly where it is inside your body, then you can start working on stimulating it and seeing where things take you.

    A good tool for helping to discover your prostate is something like the Pure Wand: because the length and shape allows you to hold it in a comfortable position, and manipulate it to cause the ball on the end to glide firmly back and forth across the prostate, much more easily than if you were attempting something similar with a finger.

    It's worth experimenting with using the Revo 2 while it's only halfway inserted, because if you find that your prostate isn't as deep inside the body as the tip of the toy reaches, then repositioning can give you some better results, though obviously it's not the ideal way to have to use it.

    It's also important to lower your expectations vis-a-vis prostate stimulation. There are some reports out there of people getting spectacular results, but many of us never get past that point of it generally just being quite a pleasant sensation. I've been chasing the elusive prostate orgasm for years, and while I thoroughly enjoy the associated feelings of using some really good toys on it, even after sitting around for hours at a time working intensely at it and feeling like it was going to go somewhere, I tend to hit a plateau where it seems that I need an extra boost to send me over the edge, but I can't find it.

    One of the most successful toys I've tried in that regard is the Sirius attachment for the ElectraStim system, which uses pulses of electricty to cause your prostrate to contract, and oh boy, when that happens you won't have any question of whether you've located your prostate or not. I have a review of that too if you'd care to read it:

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    Thanks again to all for the replies. Incendiaire, thanks for such thoughtful responses and for the helpful links.

    Not long after purchasing the Revo 2, I bought a beginners butt plug set, just to see how the two sorts of toys compared.

    While life recently hasn't quite afforded me the opportunities to experiment with them as much as I'd like, I think I have learned a bit more about what I find enjoyable in anal play.

    In terms of the Revo 2, I most enjoy the rotating function, while I find the butt plug provides a 'fuller' feeling that I find quite pleasurable.

    So now I am left to wonder if there is a toy that might best combine the rotating action with that fuller feel. I have seen many butt plugs or other anal toys listed as 'vibrating', but nothing that rotates.

    The closest I think I've seen is the 'rabbit' variety of dildo for women that seems to rotate, but I'm not sure if that's suitable for anal play for men.

    As always, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    Well, my Revo 2 arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've had the chance to play with it 2 or 3 times, and I have to say it is definitely doing the business for me. It did take a bit of expermentation to get the best sensations and position, which I found to be semi-reclining in a comfy chair so that there is slight pressure on the device to keep it in place and ensure that the perineum stimulator bit is exerting slight pressure.

    I also found it helpful to wear a cock ring to maintain at least a partial erection, and it also helped to apply a very light pressure to the lower abdomen or around the base of the penis, without actually touching the penis. I lked the setting of slow rotation best, and that combined with the intermittent vibration is enough to send me over the edge.

    I appreciate incendiare's point that it might not work for everyone, but it's certainly doing it for me!

    Here's my review:

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    Appreciate the responses.
    As far as I know, nothing has changed, I used the same position (sat on sofa with cushion underneath (rocking back and forth). Don't use vibration.
    I've tried a few times since with no joy, but I should be grateful that I experienced it at all.

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    Has anyone used a prostate toy while having intercourse. Does it effect your erection and ejaculation

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    I really enjoy prostate play when I feel I've hit the spot I get a feeling that I need to pee but instead I get loads of pre cum flooding out . But I'm not to sure what this is any advice would be great .

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    I'm kind of in the same boat. I've tried a few diferent toys, ranging from the Aneros to one that a guy at the sex toy shop swore up and down would be amazeballs. I've finally gotten that one to be giving me pretty good sensations (kind of that inense needing-to-pee thing you read about) but have yet to have a super mind-blowing orgasm. Practice I guess?

    One thing that I did notice is that I got all of the sensations when the toy was in significantly less than I thought it needed to be. Dunno if that's just me or what, but it seems that it's possible to go too deep in which case you kind of miss the boat?

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    I have to admit I don't get strong erections on any prostate toys but the sensations are at times absolutely amazing. I have a nexus revo stealth which I have reviewed and it gives me fantastic sensations, I find the movements great. Try some of the electric shock prostate toys, they feel great. I also find that a combined prostate and cock ring toy does generate some great erections. I have one I bought elsewhere but not dissimilar to one sold by love honey.

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    Hi, you were asking what a p-spot orgams feels like. The thread has good and useful information in it already, but here are my comments.

    It's taken about a year for me to more routinely have a P-spot orgasm, so you have to be patient. I agree that it takes time for you to learn the sensation and it feels like you are having to "re-train" how your body responds to the stimulation.

    I use a good quality P-Spot/G-spot vibrator that LH no longer do, but I've also found the large LH butt plug with a bullet vibe pushed in the recess is also successful, but I've only been using that recently. I seem to need the vibrations for a P-spot orgasm to work for me, especially the lower frequency rumbly ones, in fact that's what attracted me to this vibrator based on the female comments about it.

    Position is important to ensure the contact is "optimised", for me I get on all fours and arch my back or perhaps more successful I lean forward arching my back, when stood up, with my legs tightely shut; I often do that position in the shower. Yes clenching your bum and releasing feels great, but unless you train a lot it's tiring and I find just easier to let the vibrations do their thing.

    Well the first thing you notice is that the sensation feels pleasant, like a "tickle" or stroking sensation in you lower abdomen. I tend to get a semi-erection and lots of pre-cum over the time playing. It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 mins, but I get increasingly emotionally and bodily aroused in the same way you do when your penis is stimulated. However, I find the arousal is stronger and I even pant with the anticipation; iniitally that feels a little alarming, but you get used to feeling so "taken" by it. The feeling in you lower abdomen can come and go a bit, but it all feels very, very nice. Do take time to enjoy the feelings of arousal and the stimulation as they may be all you get, but I find I enjoy that europhic aroused feeling and the sensations. Certainly, in the early days of trying this that is all I could feel. Also in the early days you can get "desperate" and start to rub your penis, it becomes erect easily and you can get a penile orgasm still. I found that this lead to ejaculation, but actually a very weak orgasm by comparison to just good old ordinary masturbation.

    So practice many times and just enjoy the feelings. To get to a P-spot orgasm I just try to let the feeling in my abdomen grow and grow, you can sense that it's pushing you to an orgasmic feeling, but it's "in" your abdomen so the sensation is in a different place. I focus on the sensations and the feelings and try to relax, this is where the "re-training" your orgasmic repsonse is needed. I find that touching my penis gently, but not rubbing or masturbating, can make the sensation in my abdomen grow, but it also tends to make the sensation of ejaculation and penile orgasm grow too so be careful and disciplined. I only do this once I know that the P-spot orgasm is pretty close, trust me that you will sense this from the growing sensation in your abdomen and your state of arousal. As you feel the sesnation grow stop touching your penis and again relax in to focussing on that sensation in you abdomen. It make take a few cycles of penis touching, but please do stop touching your penis as you feel that abdomen sensation grow otherwise you will not "trigger" the P-spot orgasm, but an ejaculation instead. When it does happen there is a "tightening" feeling in your abdomen, not an ejaculatory feeling at all, and you get a strong "wave"of orgasmic feeling through your body in the same way you get from an ordinary penis stilumated orgasm. The difference is the length of it, the intensity and a more complete body "shudder". I sometimes find a do a very smal amount of ejaculation, or it may be just some more pre-cum, but I generally do not ejaculate much at all. I have found that an ejaculatory orgasm with my Wife later on feels stronger, better and there is a lot of cum, I presume all built up from the P-spot stimulation, so double benefits !

    For the first time last week I experienced my first multiple P-spot orgasm. Not sure exactly what I'd done differently, may be it's just practice and knowing the sensations and feeling and relaxing in to it more. The P-spot orgasms came in wave after wave from the "spot" in my abdomen and over a 2 or 3 minute period, it was so good. I've not been able to replicate it yet, but I'm relaxed about that as I can still enjoy all the other sensations and feelings regardless.

    That's my last point, just relax in to this, the more you want it, the further away it seems to become. Enjoy the exploration and try not to worry about the final "outcome".

    Good luck


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