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  1. Stuck on size choice for njoy buttplug...

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    I'm not a beginner with buttplug, but I'm looking to get an njoy pure. I'm really stuck with sizes.

    I've used a Doc Johnson medium - no problem, very easy. A Tantus Neo which I could happily wear all day and an Icicles 25 which at 1.7" diameter was the biggest thing in my ass. It wasn't the easiest, but is now relatively easy to pop in without too much working up to it.

    I really want an njoy but utterly unsure whether to go for the large or 2.0. It's quite an investment and can't really do both (except in an ideal world). So which would you go for, considering there may be times of extended wearing too?

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    Have you tried steel before? It's much weightier than glass, so that's something to consider when you're buying one. The 2.0 weighs 600g/1.3lbs so I'm not sure how good it would be for extended wear depending on how active you are, but apparently the njoy large is ideal for that kind of thing - plus it weighs 310g which is obviously much lighter.

    Unfortunately I haven't got either (although I've had my eye on the large for aaaages) but I did find this review from someone who owns the 2.0 and all the other pure plugs, which might help you a little bit -


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    Thanks for the reply!

    I'm well aware of the weight - I'm not that active, although have entertained buttplugs during a dogwalk, so walking a mile or two is pretty much the most I'll do. Generally I'm sat around, chairs are pretty soft. The glass one I have is weighty enought to know it's there, but I've never felt it's heavy enough to come out of it's own accord.

    That review was good - but really doesn't help. Maybe I'll need to flip a coin and stick with that decision.

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    Over the years I've got bigger and bigger, so you end up saying, wish I'd got the larger one, and end up spending more in the long run, if this may be the case get the larger you'll work up to it, but consider the weight factor too.

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    I have the large one it is simply awsome, well worth the money. I can keep it inserted for long periods, again providing I am not too active.

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    I forgot to mention I have a few other toys for anal play, which are in the 5" circumference, and I can take them with no problem.

    I also found that njoy have the downloads on their site:



    printed them out, checked them against what I do have.

    I've decided to go for the Pure 2.0 in the end. It may suprise me, but I can't imagine it won't take much effort for me to get it in. I recall using the Doc Johnson medium for the first time, thinking 'This is never going to fit" - to using my Tantus Neo with almost no prep. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in - I'll be sure to give a review once it's arrived.

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