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  1. Liquid Silk With Silicone Toys

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    This seemed like the most appropriate sub-forum to post in, so apologies if I got it wrong.

    Has anybody got any experience with using the Liquid Silk lube with a silicone toy? I know that one should only use water-based lubricants for silicone toys, which Liquid Silk is, but upon reading the ingredients, I see that it contains 2% silicone. I don't want to ruin my fancy silicone anal beads once I get them, so I just wanted to know if it'd be okay for me to use Liquid Silk.


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    I think you would be better contacting customer care. :) I'm sure they'd be only to happy to help you.

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    You're right, that should have been my first port of call, really. I've been told that such a small amount of silicone won't do any damage, but if anybody can tell me otherwise, let me know.

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    I've been using liquid silk on silicone toys, not noticed any damge, discolouration, so in my experience it's absolutely fine,

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    If the toy you have is 100% silicone it shouldn't really damage the toy using a silicone lube on it. It will damage toys that aren't 100% silicone.

    I haven't had a problem using my Liquid Silk lube with any of my silicone toys. If you're concerned then I would reccommend you do a patch test with the toy itself. Add a small amount of lube at the base of the toy - on a small part (Where it's not insertable) and just leave it for a few seconds. If there is going to be a reaction it happens pretty much instantly. If there's a reaction just clean of the lube and scrape it away, if not then you should be good to go.

    As I said though the reaction is generally when the toys aren't 100% silicone, I've used silicone lube with silicone toys before and never had a problem. Just always do a patch test to be sure.

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    Thanks, you two - I feel completely confident now. The toy in question is a Fun Factory one, which I know is 100% silicone, so everything should be fine. This is why I posted in the forum before getting in touch with customer care: you're all speaking from experience. I think I'm going to like this forum. :)

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    I use liquid silk not had any issues

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    As with others, been using liquid silk for over a year now and as far as I can tell it has had no negative effect on any toys.
    It's our go-to lube.

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    I can only echo what others have said, Also use it myself and had no issues

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