1. Chastity devices

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    speedo wrote:

    Hi Mistress Cara, have sent you a message (I hope its you!) on Facebook. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    I have replied to you there, little subby!

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    (My favourite kink-friendly topic!)

    I have been practicing chastity and orgasm denial, on and off since January 2006. My longest period was quite recently; September 2009 to approx April 2010.

    I have used the CB-2000, the CB-3000, the CB-6000S and the CB-6000.

    My current chastity weapon of choice is the CB-6000. As long as you use the right size cuff ring, I find it extremely comfortable to wear 24/7, including sleeping and nocturnal erections.

    As a starter model, I would recommend the CB-6000.

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    Doubt it would cause snapping off more pain which is the intention I guess though there are many mistresses online Im sure are more knowledgeable.


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    pain is good in moderation but denial is crazy waste of fun and fluids

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