1. Friends with benefits what's you experience?

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    Gentle giant wrote:

    naughty mum wrote:

    Well atm... Don't have a serious relationship.. And outside the realms of this forum I still am quite shy.... And strangely enough not as forward as I have been here... So atm.. I have had a few sexting sessions... One that has turned into effectively a f buddy relationship....
    A woman of my age.. Having a bloke coming back for more in rl is a huge turn on
    All my male friends are married, including one that slipped through the net๐Ÿ˜•he got hitched just after I finally broke free of my abusive 20 marriage.... Damn!
    So I will keep the bait in the water to see what bites๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ah NM, I am sure your somebody nice and loves what you love is just around the corner. You might be shy but i sense a strong woman. I love your posts and admire your strenght. I think that LH forums are just wonderful and people like you prove it.

    Xxx... I am sure someone is out there... I am still looking... Thing is when you have kids.. You are really tied to a local pool... I know I share the with my ex... .my naughty side though does seem to keep coming to the surface ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€
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    Seems like you have had some bad experiences N.M.
    And now learning how to live life full. Sure one day mr right will knock on your door. X

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    Only with my ex.... He still is a dick... And I am glad to be finally free of him... So now the cat is locked out.... This mouse is having some fun for once๐Ÿ˜‰

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    And if it's not Mr Right knocking on your door, it'll be the delivery man with your latest LH order!

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    @falcon lol. You go girl NM. You are single. You only have one life. Experience everything. If I was single I would.

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    And I'm sure NM that once you find your Mr. Right, by the sounds of it you'll be able to rock his socks off better than he thought possible. :P

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    He he.. I hope so....๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚ I think I have been storing up a lot of latent kinkyness that my next beau is going to find fun to keep up with๐Ÿ˜‰

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    You keep that bait dangling, and enjoy all the nibbles and bites that will cum your way naughty mum and the next 20yrs will be full of happiness and not nastiness xx

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    A long time ago I used to have a couple of FWB and it worked for us, I usually found it was someone who we maybe tried dating but we were just much more combatible as friends but did find we had amazing sex..... although one ex FWB did confess years later that she had feelings for me towards the end but didn't want to tell me in case the friendship and benifits stopped.

    Doesn't always work out sadly.

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    its good fun as long as neither of you start getting attached and wanting more

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    I've had a FWB situation going on for about 7 years. It's been awesome...we don't see each other very often but when we do it's normally a meal, cuddles watching a film and then hours and hours of kissing and caressing :)

    Only ever had sex once in all that time but I enjoy it that way. It's just a convenient way for one or the other or both of us to have some TLC when we feel the need, without all the drama of being a couple. I've not had a relationship since I started meeting up with her...I don't know whether she's been with anyone else or not, but that's another great thing - as we are only FWB it's not for me to worry whether she has or not.

    Neither of us likes the idea of a full-on relationship, and though there's chemistry we're certainly not in love. So if one of us did happen to find someone and move on, there'd be no harm done.

    I know some people have bad experiences with FWBs because they end up getting attached and so on, but it CAN work. Trust me :)

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    In between my ex husband leaving and meeting my partner I had a few fwb. I was very clear at the beginning that it was just sex and that was all either of us wanted. He met someone so it ended and shortly after I met my partner. We're still friends and my partner is friends with him too so it worked well for me.

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    When I met my partner we started out as a bit of a FWB situation, as he wasn't sure he wanted a relationship. We were both dating other people.

    About 4 months in, he was having a shitty time with one girl he was dating, and I realised that he could actually end up with her - someone who was treating him like crap. It made me realise that I loved him too much to let that happen.

    FWB can work out, but for me I wasn't able to keep the sex and the love apart. We had become best friends. That was almost a year ago and we're happier than I ever thought we could be, but I was lucky he felt the same. I can imagine I would have got pretty hurt if he hadn't. That's just me though, I'm an emotional creature!

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    Before I met my daughters dad I had a fwb as we were both really busy with college and work we were not ready for a full relationship then I met my ex who I thought I would settle down with but that didnt work because of many reasons so after him I was looking for just fwb when I met my last sugar daddy and was with him for about a year. It was like a fwb relationship as we were both open to seeing other people but I didnt really have time for other people around him, work, college and my daughter. That ended about a month ago after he wanted more of a commitment but with me being more dominant which I cant do so now I am back to my first fwb where we both know what the other likes and what the other wants to try and we work around our children and other responsibilities and it works for us. I care about him so much but if he came to me and said he had found someone he wanted to date I would be so pleased for him.

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    When I was younger a buddy of mine worked in a local pub to pay his way through college. It was hugely beneficial to me as I was always served promptly regardless of how busy it was. It really pissed of the regulars. I was sorry when he left.

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    about 10 years ago i had a fwb it didnt last long as we fell in love and are still happy in love and married

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    I could never even consider it, i view sex in a very old fashioned way i think, that it is an act you only commit with someone you love and trust, and in a relationship where you genuinely believe it is for life, not just short term, casual or a one off. It's the biggest, most initimate and personal gift you could give to someone, your self in your entirety, and it just massively cheapens both the meaning of the act and how special it is to give it away to someone casually. No matter how perfect a guy could be for me, i would absolutely never date anyone that had had sex outside of a relationship. And even if i ever considered it, if they were staying friends/in contact with someone they previously had sex with, it would be a big no for me. I don't like the idea of staying in contact with exes either, there's too much gone on between ex partners, i prefer a clean break, both from my own exes, and a partner who had a clean break from theirs.

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    +1 with VirginAngel; I couldn't even consider it, tempted as I may be. Old-fashioned notion it may be, but for me, sex is something that you share with someone you have the strongest of emotional bonds to and to share that experience of intimacy and vulnerability could only be with someone I love and trust implicitly. And if I entered into something like that (if you'll pardon the expression), then I doubt I could keep my emotions in check with whomever I'm with.

    Or perhaps it's my social anxiety speaking, as I never put myself into a situation where I meet many people anyway, but perhaps one needs to be a particular type of person to be able to do that; I'm not saying 'cold', but someone who is able to have a better grip on their emotions than I.

    And, of course, someone who doesn't cloister themselves away like the Prisoner of freakin' Zenda!

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    I agree with Magic and VirginAngel

    I don't agree with it lol... I think people should have sex with people they love.

    Do whatever though...

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    I know I wouldn't be able to handle the FWB thing at all. However much I lack any form of intimacy, this just doesn't feel appealing to me. A few years ago, one guy at school approached me (out of the blue, actually, I was really surprised), saying that since I was the only woman under 30 he knew about who wasn't seeing anyone, he, a guy who didn't get any in a bit, would be willing to shag me from time to time, no strings attached, of course." A relationship," he said, "is only a bit of encumbrance, and you should be glad to accept my offer." Well, I was really tempted.... tempted to smash a chair against his back. I did, however, manage to stay polite, telling him this really wasn't my cup of tea. Instead of going away, the silly boy went on, offering me a bottle of moonshine from Moravia his grandpa made, in exchange for sex... Okay, I was lonely but this was really pitiful..

    For me, sexual attraction is very much about good communication, honesty, ability to laugh together, hoping to make a permanent end to loneliness, feelings of responsibility and safety, sharing, and enjoying each other's company in great many ways; I believe these would be on the list of items that are hidden under the simple, yet so complicated (and often misused, or misinterpreted) concept called "love". The number of people I don't mind meeting in the streets is huge, there are many people I can communicate with politely when doing my shopping - the number of people I would really enjoy spending a 10 hours long flight, however, is significantly lower, there are not many people I would consider "real" friends who I can always lend my ear to, and the number of people I can share my home with long term while trusting them implicitly is limited to my closest family. In other words, the more I am supposed to share, the lower the number of people I am totally comfortable (or even able to honour the qualities of various levels of closeness "properly" - you can only have so many real friends, no matter what Facebook lists indicate) to share with - and when it comes to special emotional and physical intimacy, I feel there is a space for just one man (sadly enough, the space is empty).

    I guess others may have different "comfort zones" and capacities for sharing, though.

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