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  1. Anal Hair.


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    Hi SM, I am sorry that you have this issue. I can only begin to imagine what it does for your confidence. I can't speak for any on else but for me it just wouldn't be an issue my wife has a few fluffy ones here I actual like them. They give extra sensation when rubbing against them with my penis lightly. The other thing is they trap extra lube, also the trap and hop other clouds which is a big turn on . However I was brought up in the 70's when porn was all Bush. I guess also hair isn't a big thing for us we can take it or leave it.

    My wife likes me to shave her occasionally in fact we did it this weekend. I did shave her bum fluff for her and I have to say we did a good job. There was something very erotic and like prepping for anal her bending over and pulling her butt checks apart for me to shave. A good sensitive skin shaving gel.

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    It's a bugger having more hair than you want, wherever it may be. I've had a thing about body hair ever since I hit puberty, mumble mumble years ago, and having tried various methods this is one of the few bits I do with a razor.

    My method is to use a good disposable two- or three-blade razor (I'm on Wilkinson Sword extreme beauty 3-blade at the moment, and love 'em). I don't use a fresh one on my crack, but wait till I've had a face shave with it. Then I just stand in the shower, get some soap in my crack and hold each buttock away from the ring and have a quick go round there. Since I do this fairly often, missing the odd hair is not a big issue, and as Mrs. P isn't into anal play, it wouldn't matter anyway. But it gets me nice and clean down there and with a modern razor there's not a lot of risk of cutting anything. Can't remember when I last had an accident, but years ago and that's shaving three times a week on average.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys!
    I think I'm going to give a lady shaver a go and see what happens.
    I can use certain wax on my skin, I've got insane allergies so not all of them are ideal and the last thing I want is a break out there!

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    ShannonMarlene I would have zero reservations about getting it waxed - just as long as you look for a specialist in 'intimate waxing'. I am a total convert to Hollywood waxing (i.e they remove the whole lot including underneath and up yer arse!) and the beautician did warn me that once I'd had it done I would never look back. I had had 'normal' bikini waxing before elsewhere and always found it painful so finding that the specialist kind (it is a different kind of wax they use and the beauty therapists are specialists in intimate areas for both men and women) was SO MUCH better was a fantastic revelation - and it lasts for weeks too! I actually really look forward to getting it done as the sensation is unbeatable.

    I would also highly recommend IPL hair removal. It is a slow process - a treatment each month but it is permanent and I have had my legs, underam and bikini done to tremendous effect - I don't need to shave at all now. I recently started it on the full Hollywood as I now know how much I like being hair free there. Just wish I'd thought of it sooner as it doesn't work on grey hair and yes, I'm getting the odd grey one down there. Pah!

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    I use a normal wet shaver, you could use a make-up mirror to help you see if that helps too.

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