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  1. Do you enjoy giving oral?


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    Lissylou I can't quote post this thread for some reason you may find this thread very interesting. If you have found o pillow under your bottom nice try one of these.


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    I have been trying to think know of the words to express the beautiful thing that giving oral is. I have to say I am obsessed and totally addicted to giving it to my wife. She has on few occasions begged me to stop and just F##k her. It all gets to much she has even said she is having such a head rush she needs me to stop for a bit. It's that amazing heady erotic mix of all the senses. The view up a womans body over the mons venus is stunning whatching the rise and fall of the breasts. The involuntary movements with excitement. The simple fact that she has opened her legs to allow to have access to her most intimate and delicate parts.The invitation for you to visually feast on her inner sex. It never stops amazing me how stunningly beautiful an aroused pussy looks. It almost beckons to me enticinly
    The smell of an aroused moist woman due to your oral stimulation. Your nostrils are in the best possible position to take in all intoxicating aroma of her hot sex.
    The wonderful sounds of soft wet woman's flesh against your tongue and the vocal sounds of appreciation and pleasure.
    The feel of an aroused open and slippery vulva and hard clitorus is the most arousing thing to touch with your lips and tongue there is ,no other feeling like it especially the inner labia and vaginal opening is just exquisite.
    Then and best of all the taste, the knowledge that the gentle flow of natural lady lubrication is being slowly feed to you almost as reward for efforts. This always reminds me of bees and hummingbirds feeding on nectar from a flower in full bloom. It's so intoxicating and addictive the more you get the more you want. I often find myself stopping occasionally and driving my penis in and pulling it back out slowly to use the flared rim of the head of my penis to draw more honey from the pot. Then going back to orally caressing her.

    It is a wonder to me how I now put this ahead of my own orgasm and it is when I am at my most aroused without any stimulation to myself. It's just fantastic.

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    I love giving oral to a guy, hearing him moan makes me even more aroused

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    I used to hate oral, just the idea of it totally turned me off. It felt so incredibly intimate and too intense for me. But now that is what I love about it. My last boyfriend used to love kissing and teasing his way down, drove both of us wild, but he wasn't keen on receiving. He hated letting go of control, to be honest I was upset I couldn't pleasure him in the same way but I know it was just his personality. I love feeling my partner squirm, twisting his fingers into my hair and hearing the little gasps and moans. Being naturally submissive it's the only thing I feel confident and in control with.

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    My ex dropped herself right in it with her oldest daughter. They were talking about sex - oddly her older daughter wanted to remain a virgin until marriage but the next down was at it like rabbits with her boyfriend - and her (older) daughter said "But you told me you didn't like giving oral sex" - and got the reply "Well I didn't used to" - ex then realised what she had said and got well roasted!

    My current G/F is keen to give me pleasure and seems to enjoy it - in power exchange when I am in control she asks to be allowed to do it - but says that swallowing REALLY upsets her stomach: not a matter of distaste but a resulting upset stomach. No problem, I prefer to be finished off by hand anyway.

    Now here's what I think the thing is. In Roman times it was considered very ill mannered to take too large a dick to an orgy because small ones are more convenient for quite a number of things. I'm quite small.

    ALSO, I'm circumcised, so hygiene is not a real problem as there is no smegma buildup. Now previous G/F was a lot younger than me and when I was young circumcision particularly among the upper middle and upper classes was pretty well de rigeur. Later it ceased to be available on the NHS so most young English men are not circumcised (except for Jews). And my current G/F is from Nigeria where I am told a man will almost certainly not get a woman if he is uncircumcised. So in addition to not triggering the gag reflex as badly, I came with a built-in flavour advantage.

    I like giving women oral - I like the reaction, the fact that pressure for me to hold back my orgasm is reduced, and I like the scent and flavour. Having said that, hygiene is a must. Women who smell of fish are not well. A woman with any sort of genital issues will not taste or smell nice. The ex used only cotton underwear and often went without - the healthiest option. The current - again Nigerian hygiene is scrupulous, I'm ALWAYS being told to wash my hands etc, and again nylon is used only when it is wanted for effect.

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    I liked pleasuring my ladies many , many years ago . But back then "underbrush" took a lot of the enjoyment out of it . As trimming the "playground" it became much nicer . I have loved giving and recieving for as long as it lasted . Being completely hairless down there makes me much more sensitive . Also clean up is just one good licking away ! I wish my wife would get better and become sexually active , I would love to give her a good tounge lashing . Now it is memories of all that oral fun . We both really liked the naughty / kinkyness of 69ing after a good round of sex . Kissing afterwords also .

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    Personally, I love doing it. I think good foreplay should include cunnilingus. However she isn't keen at all to give me oral. Because of that, she doesnt want me to do it to her because she then feels guilty. However much I tell her I don't mind, she can't seem to think anything other than if it's 'fair'.

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    Love giving (and receiving) but OH isn't keen on giving (but likes the receiving...) 

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    I love giving my OH head and its always been part of our play. I get just as excited giving it to him as he gets receiving it. It is such a turn on for me.

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    It’s my all time favourite to please my partner, even though I like to be the dominant in the bedroom. Something about controlling someone’s pleasure and sending someone over the edge just really makes me tick!

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    My wife doesn't enjoy giving or receiving, so it's not really a done thing here. She's had bad experiences in the past with both, so it's not something I expect or ask for. Plenty of other things to do. I do miss it, though.

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    I love giving and receiving oral. Best with an additional butt plug / finger. Really enjoying flavoured condoms at the moment when it's with a man obvs lol. I noticed a bj book on someone's reviews list that looked great the other day, I may get that.

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    BJ's are great and you can really 'blow' your guys mind.  I love licking him into an erection and then using my teeth to gently nibble around his helmet, he love this. Sometimes it's just oral foreplay but occationally he gets the full service and I make him cum and shoot wherever I choose.

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    I think I am addicted to my wife's pussy - taste ,feel and intimacy. I would lick her all day long if she would let me. The first and last woman that I feel like that with.

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    ilikepussy wrote:

    I think I am addicted to my wife's pussy - taste ,feel and intimacy. I would lick her all day long if she would let me. The first and last woman that I feel like that with.

    👍 Amen brother If I'm ever in a situation to choose my last meal It's my wife's pussy ✌👅💦😛😛😛😛😛
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    I love giving the OH oral sex, it great to see her totally enjoying herself as she builds to orgasm. I enjoy the smell and taste as I lap her pussy and nibble at her clitoris. When she finally contorts in orgasmic pleasure it gives great satisfaction to us both. If she has had a difficult day at work and is having trouble sleeping we have found it great for her stress relief, aiding a good night's sleep.

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    I'm not keen on giving. My jaw isn't very cooperative, although we have developed a technique where I get him near in my pussy then take it in my mouth for a short while and to drink his cum. That works well, and I get the added taste of pussy into the bargain.

    I wasm't keen on receiving either, but he's very good at it and I've become somewhat addicted to it, and the more he does it, the longer he seems to be able to go on.

    DLJL is right about the stress relief too. Orgasming through masturbation is another stress relief tool as well.

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    Love giving and receiving. Possibly enjoy giving more. Hubby absolutely loves it and pretty much anytime he shoves his cock in my face he’s guarangeed a good time 🤣 He desperately wants me to sit on his face but I’m just not comfortable with that

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    I have discovered a new found love of given oral to my new partner. He obviously enjoys it as do I. He returns the favour which I am more than happy with 😉

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    I love giving my wife oral. Tonguing her and making her squirt. It's my fave sexual position to be honest.

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