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  1. Am I doing something wrong?? He never comes!

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    Could be a learnt response to his ex needs on sex... If been in w long term relationship.... I would probably pin the not wanting to get " fluidy" on a woman's hangups rather than the other way around. If he has been in a rut in what his ex used to allow... It might have conditioned him to stay that way, and never waver from the proscribed positions etc

    I have watched some bdsm porn recently( purely research😋) and I found that I don't really find all the spitting and dribbling on a man while doing a bj, a real turn off.
    That seems just too ... Wet and gross... But.. I don't mind bjs.. Or recievi g oral, or even a man Cummings over me....
    I would prefer he came inside.. But that's. Cause I like deep sex...
    I recognise it as a limitation for me... And I see the benefits of overcoming it.

    One thing that could get you around the mindset( something I would probably do myself) is to work on a deliberate messy sex
    Totally over the top, oils, cream.wine...chocolate.. Select your poison..but set the area fokink😉😂
    n contact sex where it will be impossible to not get all messy😉 . have area all set to contain, deal with the results...
    By making it more fun,And a harmless mess( which heightens sense of touch).. When he gets to climaxing it would almost be a " in for a penny... In for a pound" situation
    Might relax him I the back of his mind that it don't matter getting stuff everywhere... And tip him over
    Something of the mud wrestling scenario😁😇

    If it works you might find the drier sex more fulfilling... And or a new kink😉😂
    If nothing else... You would have had at least one really interesting night😅

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    Thanks everyone for you're advice on this.....had a really good talk with him and learned that his ex of 15 years might have given his a bit of a hangup (to say the least). She used to call him 'disgusting' and he lacks confidence - he was worried to really let go.

    I assured him that nothing he could do/say/ask for etc would make me think such a thing!

    He stayed over, but on the agreement that sex was off the agenda that night (to take the pressure off him)......that didn't quite go to plan!

    To cut a long story short - he had his first orgasm with me since we met 3 months ago! It was soooo nice and I could feel and hear the relief in him immediately :)

    Whoop! Looking forward to getting to know what really gets him going now!! Exciting times x

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    That's great news :)

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