• Queening help!

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    Get creative... And make it collapsable😉😇

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    Personally... I'm not a huge fan... it feels amazing... but I can't help but be nervous about it so I often have to stop him >.<
    If we do it, always kneeling and I try to keep my weight off him completely and let him guide me.

    That's just me though... I'm 17 stone, ain't no-way I'm just gonna sit my fat ass on his face lmao

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    Mr&Mrs Teddy wrote:

    I'm just a little surprised that people haven't done this, or don't do it often.

    you should, it's great.
    and I don't think any man would complain!

    my man would complain, done it in the past with exes but current partner doesnt like to give oral so this would never be on the cards :(

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    I love this but didn't realise it had a proper name, you learn something new everyday. Actually you learn lots of new things on LH :) This is actually my favourite position to receive oral in as i gives me much more control over were his tongue is going and it is the only position that gives me an orgasm from oral.

    Like the others more often that not I actually kneel, I like to do it when Oh is tied up too. Then he can't ruin my momentum by moving. Though this did nearly lead to his suffocation when I got carried away once and he couldn't move! He said it would have been a good way to go though ;) lol

    I say just go for it and enjoy x

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    mysterio wrote:

    naughty mum wrote:

    Gentle giant wrote:

    naughty mum wrote:

    At 42.(almost 43😉) I am not as fit as I used to.... But I am working on it..... mething I Would love to do again...

    Oh Naughty mum, you've changed your pants again and its not even June yet.

    when its the 11 the June. I will do a new one... Birthday photo shoot😉😇 Tbh it isn't surprising that a lot on men get turned on by queening... I have yet to find a man who doesn't want to get right up in there... Our feminine sexy scent can be more overpowering to our partners than we give it credit for.😉 Isn't there some tropical fruit that is an aphrodisiac, simply because it is soft.. Sweet tasting, and smells of a woman's vagina....

    You need to find the name of that fruit for us men PLEASEEEEE

    ShannonMarlene wrote:

    Hey guys!

    So something we've been considering trying is Queening/face sitting. The OH has had it done to him before but now he wants to try in with me.
    So, I'm wondering if any of you have any advice and knowledge of it to pass on to me (:

    It's called Durian. Beware though it's not the same for everyone one of its biggest attributes are that it is very much down to the person's taste.

    I was brought up in Singapore and as a child I loved it. But you have to get it passed your nose and bite it. Once you've done that it's wonderful. Many people say it smells like rotting flesh but this is to attract an animal to eat it so it can germinate. It was no wonder my dad's mates laughed at the little blond brit boy who loved eating them. It must be what started a lifetime obsession of eating pussy.

    NM you are so right I would love all women to know this and be confident in their bodies and how much that it is desired. Just think if women could understand that there is a little pot of nectar that they all carry around in beautiful felt purse. That is totally UN irresistible to most men then confidence levels would sore.

    I lick to think that this is what A A Milne was referring to when he wrote "whiney the pooh." Read some again and look how he describes pooh finding honey and eating it. The man was a closet Cunnilinguest.

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