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    Unlike others here....I have not had a positive experience in the " making up sex" department.😑
    With an ex that over a 20 year relationship degraded me, humiliated me and got increasingly abusive... The make up sex was in the end just another way to keep me " in my place"....
    There was no true apology connected with it.... And I was left with feeling it was all my fault.... That I had to be the one to be always in the wrong to make it up to him.
    It became more of a level of control.... And had nothing to do with making up.

    Sex of this nature and tbh any sex with my ex became more of a turn off by association.
    So ..... It might be fun in the start..... And might mean something.... Watch for the signs when it doesn't work
    An apology with no feeling or sincerity is not an apology.... Don't be taken advantage of.
    Here endeth my cautionary tale.
    PS life restarts after a divorce though😉


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    NM more New pants.
    I agree totally with the apology thing I seldom say sorry because it is reserved for when I truly mean it. It's funny on here I use amazin , brilliant , wonderful and ultimate. These also are words I try to use as little as possible because they become very undervalued. When I apologise to mum children their jaws drop , what is great is my wife has told them later how much that should mean.
    We've had a little spat this week and its Friday so we will have a wonderful evening to get her and find each other again.

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    Oh im so familiar with NM experience. It was the same and worse in my ex marriage. Im glad it's well over.
    Now when im in this relationship with my current OH, although we dont have a huge arguments, make up sex is one of the best. Usually after this kind of sex we're having a lot more cuddles and kisses and promises that we wont be arguing about silly things. :D We're calmed down and can talk through the argument and can explain each other why it became such a big deal. :)

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    I've never had make up sex. Me and my partner don't have arguments, just explain our points of view and let it go

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    its worth causing a argument just to have the make up sex

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    We just sulk for a day or two, then have the great sex.

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    I've had good make up sex. Though I quite like the 'bit angry' sex my husband and I have had sometimes when he's trying to stay mad at me and I just start playing and make him get over it!!

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    Any minor arguments we've had, we've been separated by a two and a half hour journey. So make up sex is slightly impossible lol. We get the amazing 'meet up after time apart' sex instead though :)

    In all honesty, I'd prefer to cuddle up and have the intimacy that way after an argument. Never entirely in the mood as I get upset after arguments, however silly they were. To me, cuddles are a better way of saying 'yes, we've fallen out, but I still love you' than sex.

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