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    Well, before January, I hadn't had a period for four years due to the contraceptive needle but I had to come off it as it's given me thyroid problems.
    I was considering the coil.

    But yeah, day 2 of my period and on my god, I can't stem the flow, it's so heavy and there's little clots too ):

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    We have sex during that time, nothing different about it, just put the towel down, both of us are more horny during that time, normally we will bring out the ties / gags for additional fun

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    When I was with my ex, I never wanted sex when I was on..... The fact my ex never respected that was a huge turn off for me, and I never enjoyed it. I ended up going on to an implant, as ex refused to use contraception, so at least no risk of more tiny feet, but up side I had 5 years of no periods.
    Now he's an ex for last 3 years, and I have had a hysterectomy, don't have any issues about that now.... And now horny as hell😀
    Next partner will have a pressie I. That respect😀😇

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    Gentle giant wrote:

    Their is one thing we still do but got into a routine over many years. We would use this time to deliberately obstain. Then she would start to edge me so when she finished we would have amazing sex. Just like having had a partner work away for a week or make up sex after a row. This was something we both enjoyed very much the big cuddle afterwards too. So this made a negative thing become very positive. The anticipation over when she was finished and she would need to be fully over it due to me wanting to give her oral was huge. We have found in our relationship that over the years together we spend much more time savouring each other slowing it all down and teasing , finding that point for each other just back from orgasm and trying to keep each other on the pre orgasmic plateau for as long as possible. The time after her period is so much more arousing everything is so much more heightened.

    That is our experiance, and the make-up sex after is the best of the whole month!

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    I haven't had a period for over 6 and a half years and I only lost my viriginaty 6 years ago, so I have never experianced period sex or lack off!

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    MrsMcX wrote:

    We kind have a routine around it now. Men look away, this will be too much information!! Usually on the first day of my period it's really light, so I have a bath immediately before and find we can have sex without any mess. Then for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day we generally just stick to foreplay (clitoral stimulation when I'm wearing a tampon), anal sex and blow jobs. The 5th day I'm usually really light again and can have a bath and get away with no mess.

    It feels really different to me, not a good or bad different, just different. I can't really explain it, but what we do works well for us :)

    Snap. Works for us I tend to get really horny so couldn't do without ;) . But not day 1 as to bloated and sore :(.

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    We do after a bit of persuasion on my part lol :) I do find that orgasms can give me cramp sometimes though

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