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  1. Should we consult check-a-trade?

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    Hi everyone,

    After a recent (sex filled) stay at a fabulous botique hotel in Brighton, we want a mirror on the ceiling above our bed just like the one in our mini break suite. Given that my OH could in no way be described as a DIY expert (or for that matter a DIY novice even) we are not going to risk doing it ourselves. Can you imagine if it fell on us? Our exit would be accompanied by a death certificate stating a cause of death of 'flattened by a falling mirror whilst occupied in loud kinky sex'!

    Should we call a local glazer for a quote or how about some ofthat mirrored sticky back plastic?

    We want it to be a 'proper job' if you know what I mean - We are after carnal class not kinky kitsch!

    Any experience of interior design, building expertise or general comments invited and will be more than welcome. As well as 'reasons' for our request both for our local handy man and guests to save my blushes. 'Haven't you ever tried to brush your hair whilst laying on your bed?' may not cut it!

    Ms DirtyWeekend

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    You could have a mirror made with something other than glass, stainless steel maybe. I didn't say it was cheap, but you could probably find something suitable.

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    Have just spoken to the OH who is a builder and he said this.

    You need to check what your ceiling is made of or what is above the void...for the fixation etc..

    There are so many questions I could ask you but basically he said it depends on the weight of the mirror that you want to hang? which will determine on what you will fix this to the ceiling with....

    So yes you could check with a local trades man, just say you are suprising your OH for his birthday or something and its a big suprise LOL let us know if you need any further info. You can contact me on fetlife tartanglaise if you want to any further advise . FF x x good luck

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    Better to be safe and get a professional in.

    We still need to find someone to install a big hook in the ceiling for a swing but just haven't got around to it!

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    To be honest as much as I would love the same I would say dont have a glass mirror above the bed !

    No matter what I would be to scared of it breaking cracking and falling down god forbid that could happen at the wrong moment .

    just do a quick google for

    "large perspex mirrors "

    I dont know much about it but you might get more distortion than a glass one , but I know which I would preffer !

    northern boy [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with the above,you do get some distortion on the perspex mirrors, i install these at my place of work instead of glass for H&S reasons.

    I have two large mirrors that i could fix to my ceiling,and if i were to do this i would look for the joist spacings and then screw into these should it be possible and if that is`nt possible i would adapt by fixing timber between the joists to accomodate the size of the mirror. BUT THATS ME.

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    You do pose an interesting problem.
    You really run the gambit of breaking a real glass mirror no matter how careful you are. Remember mirrors always shard... Not sure if they have same rules as say windows that have to shatter in a safe way.
    Personally I would feel safer with something that would not break if was overhead. Perspex ones would be better and lighter... And you would not get sliced and diced if something gets thrown around in the heat of passion😜

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    Google sheet plastis suppliers most do mirrored plastic sheet, drill and screw to the roof joists, not hard, use a joist finder to help the trick is getting it flat, could cost a bit, 8x4 ft @ 3mm thick is £280 plus vat at my local supplier.

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    Thanks all, if Mr DW's sun enhanced hornyness dies down a little this afternoon, we may hit the DIY superstores to see what tney have to offer, although it does seem a bit of a shame to have to put on clothes during this glorious Great British sunshine we are being treated to today xxx

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