1. anal too often??

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    Is there a reason why anals not good too often?

    Had it two nights in a row lol

    Feel fine and everything, we do it properly now we have had loads of practice.

    Just wondered thats all lol x

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    I play with large bum toys several times a week, and have done so for a year. No adverse effects here.

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    I don't know how medically accurate, but many people believe that if you continually have anal sex, you will eventually stretch out your anal muscles (sphincter). I have never found any medical evidence to suggest that this is the case.

    My only concern would be if you are douching everytime. Say you have anal sex every day, and you douched every day - this can eventually lead to an imbalance of bacteria in your colon which can lead to nasty tummy bugs (as you will also be flushing out to good bacteria that keeps your gut healthy).

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    Thanks for that.
    No I don't do that and we don't always do this too often so I'll be ok I reckon

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    If douching is bad for you if you do it too often. Then I havn't noticed, I've been doing it for more years than I care to remember. There was a member of the Royal Family that had regular colonic irrigation and that involved the whole colon being flushed, I'm sure the Royal Surgeon would have stopped her if it were a hazzard.

    Remember that you have about four foot of colon, and to flush that out will take over a gallon/four and a half Ltr. Warm water is good enough you don't have to use a soapy enema.

    If you are only having penile penitration then cleanse the rectum only that's about all you need to accommadate a penis/dildo, and that'll take about a half pint/five hundred mltr. Repeat that a couple of times to expell any solids. You don't want to folow through when the penis/dildo is withdrawn as this could be a 'game stopper'.

    Enjoy x

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