1. how to get noticed :/

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    What about if you ask him if there is any particular fantasys he is intrested in?? Of course you need to be okiee with it too. Tell how you are feeling and and maybe try and sort something out to spice things up that you will both enjoy? just a suggestion anyway good luck xx

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    MrsMcX wrote:

    I'm really not too sure what else I can suggest apart from talking with him again. Ask him why he doesn't pay you the compliments and give you the attention you need. But from the sounds of it, you're really having to fight for it and it really shouldn't be the case.

    I feel the same as MrsMcX. If it's worth fighting for, don't give up trying to communicate and reach out. There may a simple reason for him being stressed. I feel for you.

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    we had a chat last night he said we were trying to rebuild our relashionship I said erm talking and having sex is rebuilding so I asked him why he had a problem when all I have done is retry to build it he just said he was down in the dumps at the moment what with us rowing over past couple of weeks he did think I was having a affair I done what I could to reassure him. we discussed everything last night his work is on his case ect I told him I can only try so hard on the plus side we had amazing sex and talked everything through so I pray that everything is in the open and we are still in rebuild mode thank you all for your advice and lets hope we can get back on track

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    That does sound positive, I hope you can continue to rebuild your relationship :)

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    I am glad you two sorted things out and hopefully things would get better with time. Just a suggestion, it might work or might not but i thought i will give you it.

    I dont know what your partner is like but just like women us men can be complicated as well. Have you tried wearing sexy clothes? Some men actually are attracted more to the sexy revealing clothes than totally naked. If you havent than i would suggest that you give it a try and i am sure others can help you find some really nice stuff. I hope everything gets better for you.


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    Cheryl 69, that sounds very promising. Good news .

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