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    Ok, im in a bit of a dilemma people.

    Ayacon is next weekend, and me and the OH were planning on going, but at £45 each, its a pretty hefty, and it appears, due to circumstances not being ideal, money-wise, at the moment, i may need to make a decision, to reduce my guilt over my OH wanting to trreat me.

    I may have to make the horrid decision between £90 on the Ayacon tickets for next weekend, which will be a first for both of us, as neither of us have been to a con before, or £90 on a wonderful night in a really nice hotel, which again, would be a first for me and the OH.

    Been wanting to do both things for a real long time, but if I have to choose one, i have no clue which to choose.

    So, anime/manga/cosplay peeps, what would you choose?

    Ayacon? or Hotel?

    Thankies in advance :)

    x x x x x

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