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  1. Loss of sensitivity :-(

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping youa ll can help, basically due to years of porn usage and being chronically single, I think I've developed "deathgrip syndrome". I recently bought a Tenga Flip Hole from LH which is great, some guys in the reviews describe the different textures, I get none of that at all though it does feel great and I can cum.

    The issue has really arisen when I recently had sex and was given oral, I couldn't feel much during either (especially with a condom on) and ended up losing my erection and being unable to cum.

    I'm a little concerned that after years of masturbation, I'm feeling worried I may be permanently 'broken' in this regard - does anyone have any helo for me?

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    Death grip syndrome is indeed reversible. This can affect women and men (for women its usually getting too used to powerful vibes)

    Anyway, to solve it.....stop masturbating and stop watching porn. It is that simple. You do not have to stop forever either, but you must stop until your sensitivity rises and sticks around for a while. This could be days, weeks or months but it will happen if you resist the urge to just "go finish" with a wank and some porn. Cutting out those two habits will give your brain and body a chance to become accustomed to new sensations. At first you might notice it isnt working and you cannot get hard or cum. That will slowly change (its not an instant fix) over weeks or months as your arousal builds and your body starts accpeting and enjoying the new sensations.

    When you feel like your sensitivity is back and you are enjoying sex and oral, through to orgasm, it is okay to introduce masturbation and porn back, but important to keep things mixed up, to avoid deathgrip syndrome again.

    So this is good news, it can get better and completely reverse if you give it chance. Bad news...you might be frustrated for a few weeks. DON'T give in to it....otherwise it won't change.

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    Oh and just to add...when I say don't masturbate.....

    It might be okay to try masturbating but in a different way (like with toys, a much softer, slower touch, using lube and trying a sliding, sensual movements) In other words avoid the quick jerk off, hard and fast. You might still be able to cure deathgrip syndrome by continuing to masturbate but in different, softer ways. For SOME they might have to quit it altogether.

    As for the porn, I would really cut that out while you try your new masturbating...porn is like a quick easy ultimate fantasy...you don't have to use your imagination to see and hear hardcore sex....problem is that your imagination never has to work and real sex is not like porn and men who become very addicted to porn can suffer erectile issues and problems reaching orgasm because this "real" sex is not as "sexy" as that porn.

    Cutting out the porn for a while and reverting back to imagination and finding the turn on in the nuances and tenderness with your partner .will reeeeally help.

    MikeHHHH [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey man. Not sure if you know this, but there are penis health cremes available that contain the amino acid, acetyl L carnitine. This protein repairs damaged nerve endings and will definitely enhance the sensitivity of your penis. I use a creme called Man1 Man Oil for this reason and it totally works. Good luck.

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    As the others have said it is reversible but over time.

    You will have to try and refrain from masturbating for a while. By all means watch porn it that floats your boat but don't masturbate to it but do let it stimulate you down below.

    The best cure is a woman as they have a more delicate and skilful touch .Let her give you a hand job without a condom so you can feel the full affect but ask her to do it slowly and get her to stimulate your undercarriage whilst doing it and at the same time ask her to wear some realy sexy undies for you to keep your interest going .

    good luck

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