1. What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

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    Not sure if this can be classed as horror or naughty depending on how you look at the word naughty. anyway

    few years back bought a restraing kit wrist cuffs ankle cuffs etc. now having teased the wife with dirty text messages and photos all day while she was at work telling her in great detail what i had in mind for her, 6pm came around and she rushed through the door and straight up the stairs to a bed coverd in rose petals sented candles all over the room, gave her a glass of wine and proceeded to give her an erotic full body massage (once undressed of course). then i pulled out the restraints, thinking she would be a little scared but quite the opposite, after i had restrained her, i started teasing her with her favorite toys. right at that point my work phone rings so i nip off to answer it after spending 5 mins on the phone i completey forgot about my wife and shot out the front door (work emergency) this was at 8pm i didnt return intill 10-11pm to find a very very frustrated and angry wife..

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    ROFL..... You needed to be spanked for that😁


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    whats water sporting


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    I was on holiday in spain with my wife ( she is very conservative ) and was out by the pool. We rented a villa ( villas all around us ) and one morning was out sunbathing. My wife cam out from the villa ( several people around us in other villas ) in her revealing new swimsuit ( she has great boobs 36 G ) stood in front of me and took the swimsuit off. I nearly fainted. she said get your **** out I am going to **** you. Best sex ever god knows what she was thinking. in the end we had a crowd

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    I went to the only sex club within 100 miles with my then gf and ended up having a 4some with another couple. There was lots of squirting of various kinds

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    Sex on first date,then spent the following day in bed ,licking caressing,fingering,sucking and xxxxxxg,and it just gets better.
    Last week when my lady had cum and I had not,i urinated inside her,which she loved,i feel a lucky person to have found such a naughty lady.

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    Naughtiest thing I have done I suppose would be bringing a girl to my relations holiday home for some fun with toys and a little experimenting. May not be classified as naughty but to me it was the most risky/wild. I've also had the usual sex in a car, nightclub and outside the nightclub.

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    Not really naughty but I lose my 'v' plates on my friends sofa with his mate...While the others were unstair totally unromantic n I slighty drunk.. no regrets thou.
    Oh and had lots of foreplay, daylight in full view.

    Not that naughty. ?.

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    Done a lot of naughty things but I'll share just a couple. Met up with guys and gals for sex in group and alone in exposed and excluded places, and had a foursome with three other man which where mates in the back of a car in a field then we all just headed to the pub afterwards for a couple drinks lol then I went home with one of them for more fun

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    I once had sex with a gear stick. In my defense I was really, really drunk. My boyfriend at the time picked me up from a party and we pulled over to a country lane to have some fun and I just asked ‘do you want to see something really hot’ and I just climbed on top of the gear stick. To this day I don’t know why I did it and I have never done it since or plan to lol but my ex really enjoyed it :s

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    Signed up with a webcam site today and gave a broadcast - wasn't in Stacie mode so going back later as Stacie to show them who I really am ;-)

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    Have fun stacie. Xx

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    Thank you LilMiss.

    It was great fun. So naughty being watched and being told what to do.

    Will definitely be having a repeat performance ;-)

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    used to play solo regularly on webcam sites but not since i had our daughter not very confident about my body now

    Stacie45 [sign in to see picture]
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    It's a shame you've lost the confidence in your body Lisa.

    I've found that the attention I receive on these sites has helped me.

    Before I started I used to think of myself as a fat bloke in a bra, and I know that most of the men are just saying what I want to hear to get what they want, but hearing the compliments is nice.

    Give it another go - you never know it might restore your confidence!!

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    Gave a blowjob down an alleyway haha!

    MattB [sign in to see picture]
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    Got a blowjob from my OH whilst driving

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    Took dh for a quick shag in between the main course & the sweet at his works Christmas do once. Got a round of applause as we came back to the table, felt fucking amazing knowing every other wife/gf in the room hated my guts at that very moment & every man in there knew we'd fucked & wanted to be dh. Followed it up the following year by giving dh a blow job & full sex on the back seat of the coach full of his work colleagues on the way home from that years Christmas dinner.

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    My boyfriend masturbated me in some really popular place in the mountains, near a cathedral. It was in the winter so there's less people but it was a very exposed place. And I once gave my boyfriend a blowjob in my room with the doors open; my family was in the very close dining room. It might not be very naughty but it was certainly risky!

    And once we were on vacation in a rented apartment and at night we would stay in the balcony flashing boobs and private parts to each other and give mutual footjobs. It would be ok if there weren't other flats so near you could see inside the houses. It felt frisky.

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    I had sex with my ex on the balcony of our hotel room when we were on holiday- in plain view of the rest of the hotel, was pretending to be "admiring the view" whilst he did me from behind against the railing. Haha.

    Also had sex in the sea at a nudist beach with a few other couples nearby.

    With another ex I got fingered pretty obviously on a train, and with yet another we basically got carried away and started the foreplay in a bar, again fairly obviously....

    Man I love being naughty in public ;-)

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