1. met partner on a dating website?

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    Met my bf on a site talked for years found out our family's knew each other lost touch for 3 years he asked me out later on and a year and a half later we own a house together

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    I met my hubby on the internet too - 18 years ago in an IRC chatroom!! We have been married 12 years this year.

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    I am not very good when it comes to these things because of the lack of experience but as some of us men dont get the chance to speak hence i will try and give some advice :p On positive side i can hide in my shell.

    As for online relationship, it is hit and miss. Some people can be lucky and find a partner straight away and some can look for ages and not get anywhere. Nothing wrong in that.

    Now i am no expert on how men think and i might be wrong.

    We all love sex and tend to go for sex with different partners specially if we are single. Now we to find someone online, is it quick sex which is more important or long relationship. I might sound old fashioned here some men can be put off a long time relationship if they get into knickers too quick as that was something they were after and now there is no need to get to konw a person if they can get sex. Obviously some men might be different and they take more interest in you after they have been with you.

    If i was you(woman(I WISH)), maybe decide on who i want one night stand with and who i want a relationship with and take things slowly.

    Again i am sorry if i offend you in anyway as that wasnt my intentions and i have given you advice on what my friends are like and how they talk so dont take anything personally.

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    Just a warning, a lot of them are scams, particularly those run by one particular company I won't name. They pretend to be specialist sites - for instance, sites dedicated to people who love music, but then they put your profile out to all the other sites they run, so you get messages from all sorts of weirdoes you never expected to see.

    I registered on one which I didn't know at the time was a run by these conmen. I didn't have time to write anything on my profile, thought I'd go back to it later.

    Within a day, my e-mail was telling me I had received 12 'private messages' from men wanting to meet me: I hadn't even put a picture on or any kind of description other than being a woman in her 30s, yet these men wanted to meet me!

    Even worse, when I logged into the site, it told me no-one had looked at my profile - so how did these 12 men know to message me in the first place? What I found is that sites like this flood your e-mail with automatically generated fake messages from profiles (such as 'Hi, I saw your profile and thought it was cool, I'd really love to hang out!' - no you haven't seen my profile, the site is telling me nobody has!) in the hope that you'll make contact with one of these people... but you can only make contact by paying the company £30 or whatever it is for 'full membership'.

    Complete and utter scam, someone should go to Watchdog!

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    Sorry, don't know how to quote on here, but @WildCherry

    'After 2 months of talking non stop we met and we've been together 10 years and married for 1 year and a bit now.'

    It doesn't even feel like the Internet's been going ten years! I don't think I used it regularly till six or seven years ago, and it's changed beyond all recognition since then! :)

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    I met my boyfriend online too. Not a dating one.
    Similar to Facebook. You know those silly requests for games your friends are sending to all of us. I got loads of them too. One day i thought ok, let me see what that game is all about. Fortunately i accidentally clicked on another game (i thought it was the same i got requests from lol)
    He was single, i was divorced and single after another relationship that didn't worked out. One evening we both realised none of us haven't been to cinema for a while so we decided to met and go together just as friends.
    May i say until this day (more than 4 years now) we haven't been to cinema. We decided to take a walk instead. :)
    I fancied him, but i was sure we'll be friends only. At that time of my life another relationship was the least thing i was looking for. Then i changed my mind and thought- he is cutie-pie and kissing wont hurt anyone and wont lead any further. Oh how wrong was i.
    I fell in love instantly. :D
    I was and still am his first and only girlfriend.
    We have almost 3 y/o son. We are engaged since Christmas and now planning our wedding. :)

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    The OTHER thing about internet dating, I did meet someone on 'Plenty of Fish' the free one a few years ago. He seemed really nice, we went on 3 dates and I did spend the night at his the last time, which I thought might be a sign of *potential* commitment, but I got the impression he was playing the field and continuing to meet people from the site, which of course anyone can do if they wish, but if one of you is actually looking for a relationship, which I was at that time, you get to feel it's a bit of a waste of time. He didn't seem that fussed when I talked about this and then suggested we cool things off, so he probably just went to 'H' on his phone and deleted 'Helen' and called 'Hannah' or whatever!

    The thing is - do you log in to see whether the other person's still logging in? And if they are, are they logging in just to see if you're logging in? Ha ha ha, your head will hurt with it all, it's like going back 20 years to schooldays.


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    I met my partner on Facebook and we are still going strong

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    I'm going to a wedding this year of two people who met on PoF...

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    Oh my dad met his second wife on dating site. :) they're married now and i have a 25 year younger sister.

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    I know two people from work who met their spouses on POF so it does happen!

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    2 of my ex long term partners I met on dating site

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    After my STBX decided to 'run off' with a family friend, I signed up to Match with a 6 month subscription not really expecting much out of it.

    Just 48 hours after a full subscription, I got a couple of replies from potential suitors, one of which after a few days ended up with details being exchanged.

    It's intriguing to see people talking about taking it slowly, as I went very much the complete opposite! At the end of the day we are both adults, not particularly young and we recently decided to make a proper go of things!

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    I met my husband on a social networking site. His wife had left him a few months previously and he lived 60 miles from me so we decided to just be online friends. That was in feb 2004, in July 2004 we decided we ought to meet in person and by the october we were actually expecting our first child. I moved in with him just as our son was born.

    Now 10 years on, we have 2 children and he finally made an honest woman of me last year :)

    couldnt be happier

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    Yep - last year's G/F I actually met in the flesh but without much sexual expectation at a Morris dancing thing, then we just used to chat for pages and pages on Facebook, then I took her to see some different sorts of bands, more sort of little peck on the lips at the end of the evening sort of thing, then she came down to mine to go to a folk singing thing and when I told her her bags were in the spare room she asked "Can't I sleep with you then"? And she'd brought a bag of sex toys and we hadn't even really had a heavy snog by then. She dumped me in August after about 8 months, which was not bad considering I was 65 and she 37.

    So I went on several online sites - PoF, Freedating, Oasis and OKCupid. I had some nice chats but travelling distance was a bit of a barrier. In October I got a message from someone on OKCupid - who had read and liked my profile. She approached me. I read and liked her profile - she had had professional photos which were very enticing - alluring but not overly revealing - and an intelligent and creatively self-promoting textual description. I later found out she was a runner up Miss Nigeria in the early 80s. She speedily suggested a first date at the Anonymous demo in Parliament Square, and we just talked and talked and we got our separate trains home. Then in a week or so she suggested an allegedly folkie pub in Sarf Lunnon - we got there and then found it wasn't a folkie pub so went for a Tex-Mex meal and again talked and talked. I broke the cardinal rule and talked a bit about my ex, but not (I hope) in a love-lorn way and as the talk went on I got to talking about a row I'd had with two black women on the site of another festival - and before we knew it we were talking about the black on black discrimination of pale blacks against dark blacks - and she paused and said to me "I can't believe I'm talking about this to a Caucasian". I was very flattered.

    But she had children and was VERY nervous about being seen by them to take a man to bed - she'd been celibate by choice for some years. And it was an hour's drive to hers, she did not drive, so for her to come to me just for an evening was 4 hours driving.

    This continued until February, some stolen kisses outside her door where the kids could not see(!) - and I later found out a friend of hers had said "Have you two yet? You better get a move on girl, or he be getting impatient".

    Anyway, she finally agreed to leave the older kid (18) in charge of the younger (8) and come for the weekend - and we certainly did. Still seems to be going well, my Lovehoney shopping basket is getting heavier and more expensive, she has a growing interest in the kinkier side of life, I have persuaded her that switch is more fun than one master and one sub, I have some very decorative bruises in strange places, and we have agreed that sometimes "gentle" is necessary to recuperate (maybe even for a week) from "over-enthusiastic".

    And STILL we find so much to talk about, that if for example we take her kids somewhere they comment on the way we just chat on and on non-stop.

    And she's closer to my age - 51 to 66! Good for you, OK Cupid and your extensive questionnaires.

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    5 years on from meeting my OH on a well known dating site we are engaged,have two amazing kids and are just as head over heels as on our first date.yes,there have been bumps in the road but life has downs as well as ups and that's the same whichever way you meet.

    Personally I had both good and bad dates,online and 'standard'...but the difference being online dates I actually think you are more aware of what works and what doesn't for you from an earlier stage.

    If you do online date, outline what you would like from a first date and be guided by their response to it.tell someone where u are going-make it a very public place- and when you expect to be back, and make sure its someone who can ring to check on you or come to get you if you feel you want to leave.I did this with all my online dates....though, i broke my public place rule completely with my OH at the beginning of the date(he came to mine before we went out)..but then I put out on first date too! :0

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    Met my partner on Omegle :P

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    Me and my current partner met on a dating website.He was fishing for chicks,but when we started talking we hit it off and couldn't stop.We talked every day for about 3 months.I wasn't sure I wanted to see him in person,because I thought he was a little dorky. But I did and we've been together for more than 3 years now (on and off a few times,mostly because of me).

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    I met my oh on a dating site. at first I thought it was just going to be a few dates but I fell hard and fast and am so glad I signed up now..I don't know if distance makes a difference but we do live in the same city x

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    Ive a friend whos been internet dating for the past few years with no luck all the blokes are either not what they say they are or only after one thing.

    personally I would never get involved in a relationship with someone I have meet over the internet but thats just me and im sure for every sob story theres a happy ending too

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