1. met partner on a dating website?

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    Thank you, Amanda. Hehe xx

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    Aww that's very cute xxx

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    My oh used to my brothers friend in primary school ,then we moved and lost touch ,gwen we met up again years later we were both married to others but that didn't work out,so we got together that was 20 years ago and we have been married for 13 of them x

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    Getting married in 8 weeks and we met on pof over 3 years ago.

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    Not a dating site, but I did meet my current partner playing "World of Warcraft"! We have been together 4 years and we moved in together 18 months ago. Its going great.

    I think more and more people are meeting their partners online (through whatever format, be it dating sites, games, chat rooms etc) and as with any relationship, some turn out to be disasters and others are together for life and crazy in love! I never rushed into anything, took a loooong time (years actually) getting to know each other through skype calls, texts, webcam etc...then gradually spending more time together before finally committing. Maybe ours was longer than usual but the point is, if you really spend time getting to know the person, you soon discover if their is potential or if they throw up red flags all over the place. In other words, I find it a little scary when I know people meet others online within 3 days of chatting and stuff, but I suppose even for some of them, it works...there is just more risk of meeting someone dangerous if you do not take your time.

    but you could also meet a guy or a girl in a pub and start seeing them, only to find out they are dangerous or simply not for you, as time goes on. You know?

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    I met my last boyfriend on a well known dating website. I think it can be a great tool for meeting people outside of your usual circle of friends / colleagues etc and can be really exciting. It's a great choice for people who want to meet someone they know NOTHING about, and spend the time getting to know them.

    Sadly for us it didn't work out for the long term, but it was great while it did last. I think from my experience online dating can be awesome for meeting new people and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone by physically meeting a total stranger and holding a lengthly conversation with them. It's also a brilliant confidance booster. Personally, I've come to the conclusion that I need to know someone VERY well and preferably already be friends before I'd want to start a serious relationship with them, so although getting to know a stranger is exciting, it doesn't give me the foundation I need for a long term commitment.

    Having said this everyone is different and it can be a fabulous tool for those who like excitement and like to meet new people.

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    I agree with Jess, I knew my husband for 4 years before we were an item. But I have a friend that works in a very demanding job, and she just doesn't have the time to meet anyone so she has been looking on dating websites. It totally depends on your situation. I also have another friend that met her boyfriend on a dating website and they've been together 2 year and moved in together. So you just never know until you try really.

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    Not on a dating site, but I did meet my boyfriend on OMEGLE! Omegle, of all places.
    He lives in Norway so we take it in turns to visit each other during holidays, but I can honestly and easily say that I've met my soul-mate and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

    There are some insane statistics with couples who meet online - 1/3 of recently married couples met online (45% of which were on dating sites).

    It's definitely worth a try - you could end up meeting the love of your life!

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    Hi naughty mum, I met by partner on one of the major dating websites two years ago and we will be getting married later this year. She to is a teacher and is very careful when it comes to Facebook, in fact her account is so locked down that you cant actually find her lol.

    I think times and society have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, there was a time when people used to be incredibly embarrassed to say they met through a dating website, but now I think it is accepted my most people. After all we live in a busy, technology dominated, world where time is at a premium, so why not use technology to its full potential when looking for love.

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    I met one of my previous partners on a dating website. Although it didn't work out for us, he was lovely (and not a serial killer, which is always a bonus!)

    One of my friends met his wife online. They were long distance for a couple of years before he moved to be with her. They got married last year and they seem to be doing well.

    As long as you take your time getting to know them and that you're careful when you do meet, there is always the potential for a happy ending.

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    I met a man I am now interested in through online game too. Taking things slow is the key. Not madly in love, but slowly building it together. We will see where it takes us.

    I think the success rate is about the same as with normal meetings, some turn to be disasters, while others are success. and you have to be careful in both.
    If I met people from online I did it in safe environment. Like middle of day in coffee shop, tea room, restaurant etc. In other words somewhere with people round. But I would do this with someone I met in person first too. Just to be safe.

    Tbh. for shy people this may be easier, as they feel more free to talk and approach someone online rather than approaching a girl they like in a bar.

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    I met my partner on a social network site. We just started chatting... I didn't think of anything at first, just someone I had stuff in common with and unlike others I started chatting to at the same time, I could hold a conversation with him!

    One night he popped up and said Hi just as I was going out, I didn't even think I just said "Text me" and gave my number.... a few months later we decided to meet spend the day together in a town that was half way between us both.

    We never looked back - I couldn't imagine my life without him or our two beautiful children x

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    I met my husband on a dating site,...and at our wedding there were 4 other couples who met on the same site, since our wedding other friends have met partners there to.

    My advice is chat,and learn about each other, when you meet make it some where public and take your take getting to know them.

    We chatted for 3 months then had a date, we had lots of dates and i met his friends and he mine then once I knew him and felt it was going somewhere he met my children but this was well over a year after we got talking.

    We got Engaged 3 years after our 1st date and married 8 months later x

    my advice is toi take it slow, check what they say and listen for any discrepncies, listen to your gut instinct, have fun and keep safe.

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    naughty mum wrote:

    Ok going to throw this out there
    Intrigued to see if anyone actually had any success using this modern tech to find a new partner, rather than Old fashioned legwork;)

    Nope. Never had any success either way, but online has certainly led me down the more...disastrous paths. Mostly because I find that women lie about themselves a lot more online than they would dare to in real life.

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    Pros of online dating - you actually know there's a reasonable chance of common interests before you ask/are asked out.

    If you want to take it slow you can chat and get to know each other pretty well before committing to meeting face to face. Partly due to just being busy, but I spoke to my current partner for 6-8 weeks most days before we managed to meet. I didn't know if there's be romance but it was a pretty good bet we'd at least be friends by then. And we are :-)

    Know awkward first momenta in a bar while he wonders if she'll respond aggressively (some women seem to think a guy approaching them and saying hi deserves a tirade of abuse....) or she wonders if he's interested in her or just a drunken shag and showing off to his mates etc. You get plenty of "wanna fuk?!!!" Messages but can just hit delete

    Best one - if you meet someone they WANT to like you! So you don't need to worry, be yourself and enjoy the night. And if you don't hit it off then not a problem.

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    I met my girlfriend online, although not through a dating service. I was very nervous to see if it would work out at all, but 2 years later, we're still hopelessly in love with each other. So I must be doing something right. :)
    Never had a chance through old fashioned ways but then again, I didn't ever have a chance because of illnesses.

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    Met the wife via what was then known as a dating agency via the classified ad' s
    In our local paper
    That was thirty two years ago
    Three kids two grand kids
    Trust me thy can work..

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    My husband and i met on a social networking/dating site.. It no longer is a dating website so much but i messaged him in aim of getting out into the dating/social circle after my ex cheated on me.

    After 2 months of talking non stop we met and we've been together 10 years and married for 1 year and a bit now. Im soo glad i gave it a chance, hes my world and best friend. Its funny but doing it through the website meant we found more things in common, were just perfectly matched and always get complimented on this by others.

    Definitely worth a try :)

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    I met my wife nearly 9 years ago and we have been married nearly 3 years :)

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    To those who advised to take it slow when building up to meeting/potentially dating someone from online, how do you actually take things slow? :/ I wear my heart on my sleeve too much and love to love people, so I always think "oh we've talked for a week I really like him let's meet!" and that has not worked out too well for me!

    How do you consciously slow things down, when you really want to take things fast? :(

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