1. virgin being teased

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    Jenny.... If you had no clue what was happening... He took advantage of you.... That is not something to just wash away.... He abused your trust and you. I hope you didn't let it be swept under the carpet?

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    This has got nothing to do with sex against anyones will, that is not what the thread was about - so lets not confuse things?

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    virgin22 wrote:

    hi im a 22 year old virgin

    im new to the forums but not new to love honey have a toy or 2... as i enjoy pleasure... but who doesn't!

    because of toys etc being a virgin has never been a problem and i have always been of opinion it will happen when time is right... but recently 'friends' have been teasing me about it and mocking me etc telling me it makes me not a man and im missing out.... and that i should join a hook up site and just get it over with which has me left me wandering whether to stick to my guns or just get it out the way....

    stick to your guns dude!

    those who mock seriously are not your real friends...

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    Sorry for getting off topic, my point was that when it's your time, it's your time. Stay strong until your ready.

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    Tbh, I was was trying to make a point, as in don't get swayed buy anyone, and that sometime those people aren't your friends. I didn't mean to make it into anything else. I don't class it as rape, so let's just move away from it. I'm sorry that it's happened btw, and I apologise for demonstrating my point badly.

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