1. virgin being teased

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    hi im a 22 year old virgin

    im new to the forums but not new to love honey have a toy or 2... as i enjoy pleasure... but who doesn't!

    because of toys etc being a virgin has never been a problem and i have always been of opinion it will happen when time is right... but recently 'friends' have been teasing me about it and mocking me etc telling me it makes me not a man and im missing out.... and that i should join a hook up site and just get it over with which has me left me wandering whether to stick to my guns or just get it out the way....

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    No! Don't give in to peer pressure, if you're happy being a virgin the right time will most certainly come, especially if its going to be your first time.

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    Don't ever give in to peer pressure, and they shouldn't tease you about that. Just because you're 22 doesn't mean you need to loose your V card! And I think a lot of people still wish they was carrying their V card.

    If you're happy then keep it that way, when you're ready to have sex you will.

    My OH was 23 when he first had sex, with me! He said he didn't want to have sex just for the sake of having sex, and wanted it to be with someone he actually cared about.

    It's nothing to be ashamed about, and in all honesty in this day and age I think it's something to be proud about!

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    Definitely nothing to be ashamed about. I'm mid-20's, and I highly respect that you're still a virgin at this point. It's not a competition to lose your virginity, and when you have your first serious girlfriend who you want to lose it to it will be so much better for you. There's nothing wrong with enjoying toys, and I'm sure future girlfriends will really respect that you've waited and not just given in for the sake of it.

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    The OH and I were both virgins when we first had sex, me at 23 and her at 21 and we're both proud of it.
    Don't give in to the pressure to "just get it over with" the only thing that's likely to do is leave you with an empty feeling. Sex for the sake of sex is meaningless.

    Keep your head up bro!

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    Whatever you chose, make the choice because YOU want to and not because anyone else has told you what to do!

    I'm glad that I waited for someone who - I thought at the time - was the right one! (OK, so she wasn't - but I don't regret it at all, and I'm glad I didn't just go for 'anyone').

    If nothing else, once you've done it once you'll want to do it over and over - if you've got a girlfriend then you can!

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    Quite frankly it's none of their business. You do it when you feel comfortable and happy. If your so called 'friends' are out shagging a different person every night then boo to them. You'll probably find that one of then will end up with an STD for being reckless.

    It's not a competition, and it's not something you should be made to feel has to happen at a certain time. You just keep doing what you're doing and tell them to eff off!!

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    I simply wouldn't tell people about being a virgin. It isn't any of their business. I understand the thinking that virginity is like a straightjacket that prevents you from being a man, no doubt these people who tease you say similar things.

    If you go for the hook up route, just remember a few things. You won't really know what you're doing. Panic attacks can certainly happen in this situation particularly if you rush into it. If you regret it afterwards, there's no going back.

    If you decide to go for a quick virginity loss method, try going for some surrogate partner or someone used to coaching virgins. A prostitute will want you to cum quickly, take your money and go. Furthermore people who argue against toys as a replacement for a woman will mention the emotional aspect of sex. That really becomes null and void with a prostitute.

    Alternatively tell your friends that you may not know what the inside of a woman feels like, but they don't know what the best toys out there feel like either.

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    I would agree100% with the other posters. Wait until you feel ready/comfortable and try to ignore your rather immature mates.

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    Some friends they are! They should be respecting your decision. Personally I think it's lovely that your waiting, and when you do find the right person it will be even more special!

    Please do not give in to peer pressure. I wish I hadn't lost my virginity when I did

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    blonde vixen13 wrote:

    Some friends they are!

    I agree with this! maybe thier just jealous you can make your self cum with toys ;)

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    Definitely don't give in to peer pressure!

    I know how easy it is to just do it to get your friends to shut up, but when you rush into it, it is never worth it.

    best to wait for someone you'll be comfortable and secure with so you can enjoy your first time and look back on it fondly ;)

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    If you are happy being a virgin then stay happy!! It is your decision and its very commendable to wanted have sex only with someone you care about.
    But if you're a virgin because you're nervous then and only then would I say just take the plunge because it never gets easier.

    I waited until I was 18 despite other "opportunities" I didn't feel comfortable just sleeping with guys at parties etc I found a guy that loved me for me and decided we could give it a try. We're still together now 5 years and 2 beautiful children later :-)
    If I hadn't met him, I don't think I would have given in yet either... I wasn't looking for a boyfriend let alone sex it just found its way into my life as all good things do!

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    How dare they mock you, it's your life you stay as you and be proud I too refused to play the field when younger, I was 22 engaged when I had my first time hated it and hated sex from then on with him, I remember my first wedding night thinking Oh well thesex is crap but at least I'm away from the family now, good sex never entered my life until my second and best hubby came along, alas now we can't. Please please don't give in to these so called friends. Hugs hang in there I hope you find some one to make you feel special..

    I actually 10 years when I left the ex was thinking of paying an excort

    to find out if good sex existed, to reassure me I wasn't frigid isn't that dreadful. Thank God I never did.

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    Thanks to all of you who have repplied!

    I don't go round advertising im a virgin... they only found out cause they were talking about what they like doing to girls etc and i found it very demeaning! and when they asked me i was like not interested and then they were like your a virgin and not wanting to lie as honesty is important i just said so what if i am....

    So thanks, the kind honest words have given me the confidence boost i needed to stick to being myself

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    Good! I'm glad to hear it, and i'm glad that the forum have been able to help you boost your confidence and to stick to your guns!

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    As a 24 year old virgin i understand how mean some people can be, but trust me when you meet the person you feel is the right one, you will be glad you waited. Virginity is nothing to do with manliness, so please don't let them make you feel less of a man, maybw its not the virginity you need to get rid of but the friends you have, if they can't respect your choices they don't sound like very good friends.

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    I agree with what everyone says. I stuck to my guns when I met my hubby. Was only 20 when he popped my cherry. The wait was definitely worth it. He said he wished he kept his because he lost his years before I met him.

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    Maybe not the pc answer, but to be honest, I would just get it over with - unless you have a special female you are saving yourself for. Sex is sex - making love is different, so get some practice before you meet your special one.

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    Tbh, I know exactly what your going through, I'm 20 and went through exactly the same thing. I lost my virginity a few months ago, when one of my male "friends" decided to take my v while I was passed out at a party. I was mortified.

    I just wanted to say, whenever it's your time it will happen. I agree with most of the comments. Do what your most comfortable with!

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