1. how do you use your love honey magic wand deluxe??


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    We don't, it's tucked away at the back of our wardrobe. My wife thinks it's clumsy and over rated and much prefers her every expanding collection of bullets. I think it's the fact that it has a lead that turns us both off. It's a bit too industrial for us. I feel like I should be wearing a high visibility vest and a hard hat when using it.

    . That is exactly what puts me of buying one

    I deliberated for months worried my wife wouldn't like it , she loves it.

    Our favourite position at the moment is her laying on the bed and me stood having intercourse , then holding the wand firmly against her Mons Venus end on. So the powerful vibes go right through her pubic bone and deep inside which I can feel inside her . Wonderful.

    hmm see if i was going to get one i think id prefer the mini im not really a fan on 'big' sex toys

    Try not to think of it as a toy but a massager. If you like being massaged you will love it. It's amazing on your butt cheeks as they are such deep muscles the vibes get right in there.

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