1. Coil or implant? Any advice?

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    Ecksvie wrote:

    My problem with the sticky is that it words it in a way that says to me that nobody should ask for advice because we're not medical professionals therefore it's bad.


    Please consult your doctor instead of asking for help or advice in these forums as each person's individual biological make-up means that what might work for one person, won't work for another.

    It's the instead that bugs me, because I think hearing other people's accounts can be an extremely good and helpful thing in the right situations. Were I to write that sticky, I'd place importance on seeing your doctor, since they know you and your medical situation in far more detail than we ever will, and ultimately, if they advise one thing, then listen to them because they've spent years in university to learn everything that went into giving you that recommendation. However, I place importance on hearing other's accounts and dont think they should be disallowed, but it should be used as a decision aid rather than a decision maker. The only advice that should be a decision maker is your doctor's, but sometimes they give you a choice, and you might need help making that.

    Yeah, re-reading that quote, I can see your issue with the statement, I guess I just assumed what AA meant.

    But the point of bumping the thread was a good one, just perhaps worded badly (as you say the word "instead")


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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    The sticky was put up because there was a number of threads being created asking for medical advice that really could not be given here.

    I can understand asking other people about their experiences, like the origional post to this thread for example. And sure, you can share your ups and downs with the meds you have been on, but I dont like the idea of it affecting a persons desicion.

    I also have fears of giving advice, and my own opinions on certain drugs etc, because of the number websites being created that give out prescriptions for low prices, and can be obtained without any previous information. This worries me a lot, but I'm not going to rail off the topic about it.

    I posted the sticky thread link, because I felt - as AdnaW clarified - it would be useful as a reminder, and because I was a little concerned about Rowans post because she had mentiond a lot of health conditions, which perhaps would be better being discussed with a GP. Apologies if this was not the correct thing for me to do, or if it seemed I was assuming that nobody could help with her decision.

    This is just my view on the situation. I do not like the idea of looking for medical advice on public forums. I would like to add that there are many other people who may read these posts, and make their own desicions based on them too, which I do not like the idea of at all.

    Ok. Rant over..

    It's not that I dont agree with the sticky altogether and thought you were bad to post it, it's just the way it's worded I dont like. Absolutely, our experiences should not be used as an alternative to a doctor, but the sticky is worded in a way that I've interpretted to mean we should be forbidden from sharing our experiences altogether, and thats what I have a problem with because sometimes doctors don't always say you have to use one method, they do give you a choice, and the medical information isnt always enough to make a definite decision.

    I do think that absolutely everyone should see a doctor before going on any form of contraception, since it ensures you're getting medical advice tailored to you and takes into account any health conditions which may make a difference. The internet is not and should not be an alternative to a doctor, but it can be a supplement, and I dont like that sticky because I think it's trying to take that supplement away.

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    I think in the end we both think the same things. I think that the sticky should emphasise more that whatever is written on here is a subjective experience and anything written should be taken as such. If you need advice that is specific to you or anyone you know, see your doctor. Their advice is paramount and ultimate. You wouldnt let a random person on the street prescribe you stuff, so why should it be different on the internet?

    I agree on the threads you mentioned about contraceptives not working and such, because that is something only a doctor can say, because they're the ones with degrees in it. Anything we say is only supposition.

    I think everyone should see a doctor first, because they'll tell you your options. Our experiences can help you make a choice if they do give you options.

    But yeah, we can let this rest now.

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    Rowan wrote:

    Ach I've been to see them, thus the whittling down of options (neuro and epilepsy nurse were disagreeing so I thought the best option was to go to people who did it all day, every day). I've been extremely fortunate to have had absolutely no judgmental nurses or docs which always makes things easier,

    Thanks guys, especially SN and vicky. Generally my immune system, even on aza or steroids, is like chuck norris for pathogens but it has weak points and I'm less attached to my arm than *ahem* other bits. Main problem with the pill is that I'm on anti-epileptic meds and for it to work it's necssary to get a higher dose and I can't guarantee that even if taking it religiously. I've been on meds for CD for just over 18years thus the depro refusal.

    The folks at the sexual health clinic were great so I have an apt. this week with them and plan on wearing my decisive hat to it.

    AA I have never thought that what works for one person will be as effective or suitable for another healthwise, I just find it useful to seek responses from a wider demographic than my friends, most of whom are male anyway and not the ideal sources of comparative information about contraceptive options. Will have a look at the other thread though, thanks.

    Your welcome Rowan, hope you find something that bests suits you. And I hope the crohn's is ok ((((hugs))))


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    I used to have he depo injection which made me put on loads of weight and gave me terrible acne so im switched to the implanon implant and had that for two years and it was fab (it did make my sex drive go insanely through the roof though) i had it taken out as after two years of no bleeding i was starting to have 3 week periods, I was then going to get a coil fitted but when i went they couldn't get it in and i was refered to a specialist to be dialated to i could have it.

    The next day i was rushed to hospital with a brain problem and had to have brain scans which i could not have had if they had been able to fit the coil the day before. So i am still without one.

    You need to look at the hormones each uses and how they may react to you family history, if you still arent sure i'd go for the coil with no hormones, you can always have it taken out if your periods become unbearable.

    In the mean time if you go to any gum clinics and use the loo there are free condoms in there, i went last year with a friend and we left with 80 between us, they kept us going for a while!

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    My girlfriend has the implant and while it worked fine for about a year she's now been bleeding non-stop for a month or two. Annoyingly it was working fine when she was with her previous partner who she didn't enjoy sex with, but now she's with me and having fun it starts to stop working! Grrrr!

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    I had to have a coil a while ago as emergency contraception it hurt when it went in and my body rejected it and it caused me huge pain so unless you've already had a baby i wouldnt go for that option i heard the implant is good..

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