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  1. Need some advice about foreplay.


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    brionyy wrote:

    Hi all , wondering if you could help me:)

    im 19 next week and I've never given or received oral. I've always wanted to receive oral sex but I'm not confident about my body, especially my vagina. I think my 'flaps' are too big and think someone will be put off by them if they went to give me oral sex.

    i also don't know how to give oral to a guy.

    can you please help or give me some advice:(

    Hi Brionyy, please please don't worry. Everything that all these amazing people have posted here are all great.

    If you offer yourself for oral , giving your most intimate part for his enjoyment and sexual pleasure . Then he thinks any of these thing's that you mention he doesn't deserve you.

    The most important thing is that you relax so you enjoy it. As mentioned by everyone no two pussys are the same but they are all the most beautiful sexual thing that every woman possesses.and all normal.

    To open your legs and let you lover get close, see, feel, smell ,taste and hear your sex is just such a turn on and probably the most erotic thing a woman can give her OH. This is why the most erotic photos of naked a woman are with open legs. If done right and you can get over your concerns ( which I am sure you will) receiving oral for both sexes is one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences. The fact that your partner is totally focusing on your pleasure is wonderful.

    On a personal note my wife of 25 yrs was very simular to yourself, but her upbringing was holding her back. She had been told by her mum it is dirty, this was so deeply ingrained it took years for her to understand she should enjoy it. It finally took me to have to tell her that I wasn't going to be denied this wonderful pleasure of enjoying her. This did seem a big turning point as she realized that I really enjoyed doing it. The first time I was able to make her climax this way she actually cried.

    As for you giving him oral. Just a couple of tips, keep your teeth behind your lips, all though a gentle playful nip can be very nice. The most pleasurable part is the head of the penis , especially the rim and the bit where the rim comes up to the opening. Flicking or rubbing this with your tongue will drive him wild. Another tip keep your mouth and lips wet. 2 nice tips are if you can let you saliva build up don't swallow it, then take just the head in your mouth. Now swish and move the saliva around your mouth. This feels amazing. Another is to make a firm O with your lips and force the rim to pop in and out, just make sure it's all nicely moist.

    The most important thing is to discuss his orgasm. Just starting to learn to give oral and then get a mouth full of come could be very off putting and set you back. Build up to this if it is something you want to do. Get him to masterbate for you so you can watch him come and see how it comes out. So you can decide how you can take it. Maybe give oral within a day of him having come once all ready so the game is less. All so after he has masturbated try some so you all so know what to expect.

    Most of all relax and enjoy yourself. Welcome to the forums.


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    Fluffbags what a post. " the great wall of vaginas" . I like the next man can admire a piece of art but to pay to go and see some is not something I ever thought I would do , but this definitely. What an astonishing thing of beauty. I have know had several looks on line and it was used on the telly the night I read your post. It was being used in a program on teenagers and porn. To show how they are all different.
    Must just be me I guess must be my kink every single one was beautiful. This is something I would love to do off my OH's all she can think off is who would see it.
    I have posted before, there is on episode of NY.PD blue. Where a female officer is gay and her partner is a sculptress. Half the episode is set in a big dinning room , which is very sparse. You never get a clear view of a plaster of Paris sculpture hung on the wall behind the table. Until the end when the guest dinner asks what is that. As the camera pans back you see and she tells you it is her partners vulva and it is 6ft x 4ft. Truly amazing.

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    I watched that program too... That great wall of vagina is a work of pure genius. Artistic and informative and not at all tacky.
    I too am ex healthcare assistant, and I can also confirm we are all different down below.... And yes over time things change a bit... Its only natural. Just enjoy it when I was your age... Access to toys or even peer led info was practically none existant. With the internet making it so Much easier to get info or find a video I am learning new stuff too at 42!
    My advice is go at a pace you feel comfortable.. And enjoy it. If you are really worried about your own actual technique.... Find a nice dildo here to do some " homework" on! ;)
    Enjoy the practice.....

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    They're all different & most blokes love the one that their being encouraged to lick & kiss.

    In terms of actually doing it, just help him out with instructions like, 'oh yeah, just there' or 'yes, like that' or 'not too rough' or slower / faster etc.. He'll appreciate it I'm sure.

    I can't advise much on techniques for BJ's, suffice to say that most of us are happy to have it licked & sucked, that combined with a bit of hand action usually does the trick.

    relax & enjoy it... It is supposed to be fun after all.

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    I used to be really paranoid about how I looked aswell, but honestly dont stress over it because I've never heard a guy complain about any vaginas.

    With receiving oral just relax and enjoy it, if you worry about what he is thinking youll never enjoy it then mind will go into overdrive. However, giving BJ again enjoy, do what your comfortable with. For example I struggle to deepthroat so I dont do it very often for OH but I find other ways to make him.enjoy it like using my tongue on the tip which drives him wild or sucking just the tip aswell. However just like sex everyone enjoys different things so just experiment try different things and have fun findingnout what they enjoy xx

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    Yeah... Deep throat it IMO quite a porn thing.... It is not something that I tended to do or go for in my past relationships/ encounters.
    Remember when you are giving oral...you also can use your hands to make it feel a deeper experience for him.

    While on receiving it... Take it from me.... You will love it;)
    Men get totally turned on with giving oral.....
    A few things you could do before to ensure you feel more relaxed
    1. Make sure you are all.nice and clean... Simple, and prob stating obvious, but most ppl feel self conscious of odors etc... If you know you are all prepped, it is one less barrier for you to worry about and you can enjoy it more.( too often us girls get brought up thinking down there= dirty.... Its a mind barrier that's all)
    2. Make sure you had a good pee before starting( again sounds obvious, but sometimes oral stimulation can give you a very intense orgasm... Yo u can. Let yourself get swept away if you are sure that no" accident" will happen:)
    3. Your partner will be quite receptive to your instructions... So say was
    Hat feels good or not.

    But ultimately... Enjoy it;). It is as much of a turn on for those giving it as receiving

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    Just in case you are still worrying and want more advice I'll give you some of mine. The first time I gave a guy oral was also the first time I'd seen a penis up close. You can imagine I went through a lot that day! I was 17, and with the love of my life (now my husband) but we had only been seeing eachother about a week and neither of us had had an intimate relationship before.

    I was giving him a handjob (awkward!) when he asked for me to suck it. I was terrified!! (You probably will feel a bit panicking no matter how hard you try and prepare). Anyway, I can't remember a whole lot but he really seemed to like it - the point being is that I don't think you can really go wrong.

    From there I learnt what worked best for me. We are very comfortable around eachother, if you don't know this guy well yet just try to relax and remember he probably isn't going to be criticising anything you do - it will all feel great.

    Don't feel like you have to deepthroat, I think a lot of guys do expect that from unrealistic porn but maybe once is enough if you really want to. And remember since it is your first time don't feel like you have to finish him. I hate swallowing and even spitting, I prefer to give a blowjob and then continue on to something else. You can always finish him by hand and if you feel like it's all too much at once you can suggest that he comes over you (stomach or chest is a good choice, face isn't great for the first time). Guys seem to love this so I wouldn't hold back on suggesting it if you don't feel like finishing.

    Your mouth will probably get tired as it's a pretty unusual activity, sometimes I like to rest my head on his leg, and just suck slowly whilst looking at him (little does he know I'm resting my mouth!) I like to run my tongue over the head as it is super sensitive. You can also try and just suck the end like a lollypop, because it doesn't have to just be up and down the shaft. And you can even move the shaft with your hand too while you do the top.

    Just remember, no actual blowing involved ha. You will be fine.

    For receiving oral, well I would just make sure you are nice and fresh (my guy wouldn't even care but it makes me super uncomfortable to think I might be gross down there). Also try a little foreplay first so you are nice and relaxed, add a little lube if you need to. The actual act of getting between your legs I still find awkward, because it is so don't worry!! My guy likes to look at me whilst he does it but I find it a bit offputting most of the time so just look away if you need to. Remember everybody is different so just always do what you feel is right and don't worry about what he thinks.

    He might actually be terrible at giving oral, so just let him know if it feels good and if it doesn't ask him to gently do what he was doing a minute ago, or try 'licking it slowly' or something. If this is a long term relationship then you have plenty of time to get it right, it might not be everything you have hoped for but it really doesn't have to be.

    Real life isn't really like porn. You have to learn these things, and that takes effort and time. Just enjoy it as much as you can and every time you do it you will find out what you like!

    Hope this helped a bit :)

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    Hey do not worry about the apperance of your vagina as everyone has said everyone looks totally differant :-D

    With the oral sex there are some great books on sale from love honey with regards to oral sex :-) I wouldnt worry about it too much as if you worry too much then you may become tense and you wont enjoy it. Just start by licking and sucking then just go with the flow :- )

    You could allways ask what the guy does or doesnt like im sure a guy wouldnt mind you asking they would rather you ask and they get what they like i reccon :-)

    I still get nervous a little now when i give my partner oral and we have been togeather 6 years lol

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